To send mail from mail client through your AOL Mail account, give programmatic instructions to access server ATP Mail Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP ). AOL Mail uses this server to send mail from your account.

If a program or Appendix Email does not know how to access the AOL Mail SMTP server, it will not send email messages. Mail Protocol (POP) or Internet Access Protocol settings ( IMAP ) download the email to the mail client and the SMTP server settings send the mail through AOL Mail.

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AOL Mail SMTP Settings

AOL Mail SMTP server settings are independent of the program or device you are using. Enter these SMTP server settings to send mail from your AOL Mail account using your preferred method:

  • SMTP Server Address:
  • Name SMTP user: display name your AOL mail starting with «» in the email address. For example, if your email address is, «me» is the corresponding display name.
  • Password: Your AOL Mail password
  • Port using SSL/TLS : 587
  • Requires TLS/SSL: Yes (enable SSL encryption for incoming and outgoing email)

SMTP sends email messages. To receive email messages, provide your email program with the appropriate POP or IMAP server settings.

Troubleshoot settings

If the mail client does not send mail properly, the password may have been entered incorrectly or the setting may not be configured correctly. Make sure all settings are correct. If you still have problems, delete your email account, log out of your email client and restart the program — if you know your password . Or restart your device and try again.

Disadvantage of using other email apps for AOL Mail

Some features of AOL Mail are not available when accessing email from an email client. For example, if a client uses POP and is configured to delete email from an AOL mail server after messages are downloaded, then those same emails will not be available to a client using IMAP (because IMAP only depends on the mail still on the server).

Here are other features that are affected by some mail servers:

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