AT Mail native mail client Apple you may find that some messages in your inbox are highlighted. In particular, messages from Apple are often highlighted in blue. This is due to the preset rules in the Mail settings area. If you don’t want to highlight your posts from Apple or anyone else, you can easily turn off any previously set rules, as well as remove existing highlights.

The information in this article applies to Apple Mail 9.3 and later.

Disable message highlighting

Here’s how to find and remove all preset mail highlighting rules, including the rule that highlights Apple messages in blue.

  1. In the application » Mail» select » Mail» > » Settings» .

    Screenshot of Apple Mail Settings
  2. Go to tab » Rules «.

  3. Look for rules like » News from Apple» » Apple News» or something similar. Any highlighting rules will also be highlighted in this list.

    Screenshot of highlighting rules set in Apple Mail
  4. To delete a rule, select the rule and then click » Delete» .

    Select » Change», to change the rule, including using a different highlight color.

  5. In the dialog box that pops up asking if you’re sure, click » Delete» .

    Screenshot of deselection in Apple Mail
  6. You have removed the rule and will no longer receive highlighted messages from this sender.

Remove highlight in existing messages

If you have highlighted messages in your inbox, it’s easy to remove the highlight effect and put them back on a white background.

  1. Select the highlighted message in your inbox. To select a message range, hold key Shift .

    Screenshot of turning off the backlight in Apple Mail
  2. Select » Format» > » Show Colors» in the menu bar.

    Screenshot of removing highlight in Apple Mail messages
  3. In the color box that appears, select color palette top and then select » White» .

    Screenshot: Remove background color in Apple Mail messages
  4. The selected email messages will no longer be highlighted.

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