You are probably constantly bombarded with notifications notifications on throughout the day, whether on your PC or phone. Because you get so many, it can be easy to accidentally clear a few that you haven’t even been able to check.

If you tend to dismiss notifications before you have a chance to respond, here are two ways to keep a log of each ping.

First, you can create a widget to register notifications for you. Due to hardware manufacturers changes in Android stock this method will not work on all devices (Samsung phones for example), so you need to check if it works on your device.

Long press on an empty section of your home screen and press Widgets. Then go to settings and drag its icon anywhere on the home screen. Once you place it, you will see a menu asking what you would like the label to point to.

Scroll down to notification log, and you will now have a shortcut on your home screen that will take you directly to your notification history. Current notifications are displayed in white, and the latest ones are light gray. You can click any to go to the app info page.

If you don’t see this option under your widgets, install an app like Notification Saver on any device running Android 4.4 or higher. This app performs a similar function to the stock method, but also allows you to export the notification log if you wish.

Even if you can use the stock method, try this if you want a little more control over the log! Seeing too many updates from one app? Don’t forget that you can turn off notifications for any app. !

What apps do you get the most notifications from? Let us know if you found this trick helpful by leaving a comment!

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