Google Assistant has introduced a useful new feature called My Day, which gives you a handy summary of your day, including weather, traffic, and even some news. All you have to say is «OK Google, good morning.»

Unfortunately, although the default settings are quite long, you may not need the information. Here’s how to customize your briefing.

There are five categories of information you can include in your daily briefing: the current weather, your work trips, the next appointment on your calendar, your reminders, and you can end it all with the news selection. You can even select your news from a variety of sources and topics.

To set up a daily briefing, open the Google Home app on your phone and press the Menu button. Then click «Advanced Settings».

Scroll down and click My Day.

On this page, you will see checkboxes for all the types of information that Google may include in your daily briefing. You can only include the ones you want. You’ll also see a gear icon next to Weather, where you can choose whether your temperature is read in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and one next to Business Trip, where you can enter your home and work addresses.

For most categories, you can simply turn them on and off. For news, however, you have many more options. If you don’t want to hear any news after the briefing, click «Nothing more». However, if you want to customize the news you hear, click the gear icon next to News.

Here you will see a list of news sources that will play after your briefing. Each source is typically a short 2-5 minute audio episode summarizing the news from that particular outlet of the day. Some companies, like the Wall Street Journal and NPR, have several different shows you can listen to on topics like technology or politics. On this page, you can click the X next to any source to remove it from your briefing. If you want to change which ones you hear first, click Reorder at the top of the screen.

If you want to find different shows to listen to, scroll down to this page and click «Add News Sources».

From there, you can browse the list of news shows to find the ones you like. Each will have a short description letting you know what you are going to get. Click the checkbox next to the show name to add it to your list.

Once you have chosen your news sources, they should appear in your briefing the next time you ask for it. Each news shows updates at a different interval, so you might want to add a few, just to make sure there’s always something new in your briefing.

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