HomePod is more than just a pretty speaker. You can also perform multiple tasks such as setting alarms and timers. Here’s how.

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Before you get started, keep in mind that alarms and timers on HomePod aren’t as customizable as they are on Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s pretty modest compared to other smart speakers, but it’s fine if all you need is basic functionality.

Set an alarm

There are two ways to set an alarm on your HomePod: using «Hey Siri» and setting it with your voice, or using the Home app on iPhone.

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When using your voice, all you have to say is «Hey Siri, set the alarm for 7am» or «Hey Siri, wake me up at 7am.» You can also set recurring alarms by saying something like «Hey Siri, alarm for 7am every weekday.»

Unfortunately, you can’t set an alarm to play music or anything — just the default alarm tone that comes with HomePod.

When the alarm goes off, you can simply tap the touch bar on the top of your HomePod or say «Hey Siri, stop.»

When you set an alarm, you can control it from the Home app by pressing and holding the 3D button while touching your HomePod in Favorite Accessories.

Then click «Alarms» in the lower left corner.

From there, you’ll see the alarm you set with Siri, and you can make changes to it like alarms on your iPhone: by tapping Edit and selecting an alarm. You can also create alarms here by clicking on the «+» button in the upper left corner.

Set timer

As far as setting timers, you can only do it with your voice as there is no interface in the Home app to create or manage timers on the HomePod.

To set a timer, all you have to say is «Hey Siri, set a 10 minute timer.»

From there, you can check how much time is left by saying «Hey Siri, how much time is left on the timer?» Or you can cancel the timer at any time by saying «Hey Siri, cancel the timer.»

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