Roombas can make cleaning your home easier, but they can be loud and annoying. Luckily, you can schedule them to run when you’re out and about or when you’re sleeping. Here’s how to set up a schedule for your Wi-Fi Connected Roomba.

To set up a schedule on Roomba, open the iRobot HOME app on your phone and tap the schedule button in the center of the app at the bottom.

On this screen, you will see a toggle for each day of the week. You can schedule Roomba to run up to once a day. Tap the time next to each day to set the time you want your Roomba to run. If on some days you don’t want to start Roomba at all, tap the switch next to that day to turn it off.

From now on, Roomba will work at the appointed time. However, if you leave your Roomba unplugged and discharged for an extended period of time, its schedule may become out of sync and run at the wrong time, so always keep your Roomba charged when not in use.

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