Eero is a fantastic mesh Wi-Fi system that can help eliminate patchy Wi-Fi in your home. However, devices can appear as a clutter in the app. Here’s how to rename them so it’s easier to know which device is which.

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In the list of devices in the Eero app, most devices will simply list the serial number, model number, or simply «Hostname». This makes it difficult to know exactly which device it is. And since security is a big concern for many users, discovering an unknown device on your network can be a little scary.

The good news is that it’s most likely a smartphone, computer, tablet, or other Wi-Fi device that just needs a more appropriate name. The following describes how to detect and rename devices on the Eero network in the Eero app.

To get started, open the Eero app and click where it says «XX Connected Devices». In my case it says «28 connected devices».

From there, you will see a list of all devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can browse it to see them all.

It can be a bit difficult to know which device and which device is named incoherently, but looking at the manufacturer of the device can help.

In this case, the device is a Nest product, and since the only device in my house that Nest makes is the Nest Secure, I know exactly what it is. Click on it to open more information about this device.

Then click «Nickname» at the top to rename the device.

Enter a unique name for it that will be easy to find in the list. Click «Save» in the top right corner when you’re done.

You will return to the list of devices and if I scroll down I see «Nest Secure» in the list.

Now things get a little tricky if you have multiple devices on the same device. For example, what if you have four Echo Dots scattered throughout the house? It’s hard to tell them apart in the Eero app. However, you can start playing music on one of your Echos devices and then see which one is downloading data in the Eero app. (Just adapt this trick to any type of device.)

Now you know exactly what device it is, and you can rename it to «Kitchen Echo» or something similar.

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