Google Now is an extremely powerful assistant on your Android phone. Even if you don’t ask, it brings sports news, delivery notifications and news you’ll love to read. With integrations with more apps and services, Google Now is even better.

One of the most useful pairings is Google Now teaming up with Google Maps. It brings you updates on your daily commute, but it’s also smart enough to know where you usually drive on certain days.

For example, if you always go to a certain restaurant Saturday night, Google Now will provide driving times for that location on Saturday night. It will also start showing driving times for places you search frequently on Google Maps.

Maybe there’s a certain place you want Google to stop telling you about, or maybe you’ve changed jobs and no longer want to get updates for your old trips. Here’s how to remove any offer from Google Now.

Make sure you have the latest versions of Google Maps on your Android phone and open it. Click on the left sidebar, then Your places . This will open your tagged places, and you will first find here places for at home and work . If you need to delete your work address (maybe you travel to different places every day), you can delete it completely here.

Switch to Saved to see all the places you have filmed. Maps will most likely suggest travel times for these places, so if you see them all the time, you can tap the three-dot icon and choose » Remove Asterisk» .

If you don’t want to see the travel time at all, open the Google app, tap on the left sidebar and select » Settings» . Select your channel and disable commute and time to leave .

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Do you like Google Now daily reminders, or do you prefer to search for places on your own? Let us know if you’ve made any changes in the comments!

Image Credit: HomeArt via Shutterstock