Are you making a short film or YouTube studio Lighting is one of the most important things to consider.

Lighting is more important than almost any other piece of equipment, but versatile lighting built for video professionals can be heavy and expensive. Why not make your own DIY ring light and save some money? Let’s start!

This tutorial is also available as a video here:

What is a ring light?

The ring light is a simple device. This is a series of light sources (usually LEDs) arranged in a circle. They are most often used as trap — a way to draw attention to the eyes of the character and evenly illuminate his face. You can use them for anything, but they are especially suitable for lighting tasks because they can fill dark spots in your scene.

You can see this light reflected in my eyes:

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Ring lighting is especially great for YouTube vlogs or makeup tutorials where the host is talking to the camera. Youtuber David Woutersen explains further in his video «What is Ring Light»:

What you need

This DIY project requires a few components, but you can easily modify it to use the supplies you have.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

You will need:

  1. 1 x round frame
  2. 1 x 5m RGB led strip kit
  3. 1 x clamp

This is it! The round frame is what you will be attaching your LED lights to, and the clip is needed to attach your light to a stand, tripod, or camera. This project can be easily done for less than $30 and you will need some basic tools and supplies such as scissors, paints, a soldering iron and solder.

Make a frame

This frame is the most important part of the project. Without this, you won’t have any way to attach your LEDs, and you won’t be able to attach your light to anything else.

you can use Almost all for frame. Cardboard, plastic, or recycled wheel-like items. However, I recommend making your own, as not only can you learn some woodworking skills, but you can get a sense of accomplishment by creating a new light.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

This lamp has diameter 10 inches and has a hole 4.5 inch diameter in the middle — this should look at the lens of your camera. Your light fixture can be any size, just be sure to buy enough LEDs to cover it all. This light source requires approximately 5m of LED strip, so make sure you adjust the parts lists accordingly if your light source is a different size.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Start with a 1/4-inch sheet medium density fibreboard (MDF). Make sure it’s big enough to fit your light. You can purchase small pieces of MDF online or at your local hardware store.

If you want to be present economical, you can get a large round plate, which will save you a lot of time cutting, sawing and sanding, but you still have to cut a hole in the middle.

Go ahead and draw your light figure on your tree. I used a large plate as it was the perfect size. Draw a smaller circle inside this larger circle. This inner circle is where your camera will look. I used a small bowl for this.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Safety first: MDF fibers are hazardous to your health. Always wear an appropriate protective mask when working with it!

After drawing, use jigsaw, to cut out the main shape, making sure the pencil line is as close as possible. It is possible to take this shot without a jigsaw using hand saws, but it is much slower. Your local hack space might have a jigsaw puzzle, or better yet, have someone show you how to use it!

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Cut out the inner hole. Your mosaic needs several small entry holes for this piece. Use hand drill , pole drill or a sharp object to make a small hole. Again, your local hack space can help here.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

After cutting, use sandpaper to smooth the edges. At this point, you can correct any minor mistakes with a puzzle. An electric sander will help a lot here, but sandpaper and an elbow work equally well.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

When done, use spray paint to complete the look. Paint in a well ventilated area preferably outdoors or somewhere like a workshop or barn. The trick to good coverage with spray paint is to apply several thin coats. It’s okay if you need to sand between coats and try again. This step may take some time, depending on how quickly your paint dries.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Install LEDs

Once your frame is ready, it’s time to install the LEDs. We have a complete guide to LED strips and Arduino LED strips but you won’t need an Arduino today. RGB LED strips are basically tri-color LEDs arranged on a thin strip every inch or so. The beauty of this is that you can create just about any color imaginable by combining individual red, green and blue LEDs.

These LED kits come with a power supply and a remote control, so all you (usually) need is plug and play! Unfortunately, LED strips cannot bend very well, so you will have to cut them and then solder them back.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Cut the LED strip into pieces containing about three LEDs. Cut the strip where the copper connections are marked. You can use scissors to do this.

Once separated, glue each piece of LED strip to the frame. The LED strip in this kit comes with adhesive tape on the back, so just remove the protective film.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Pay attention to the location and orientation of the LEDs. You will need to solder four wires to each end of the strip, so group the LEDs into groups by 5 strips / 15 LEDs . Make sure you leave some room around the edges for your clip.

One part of the LED strip contains a connector for the power supply and control unit. Make sure you place this piece in an easily accessible place near the edge. Infrared the remote control controls the light, so position the infrared receiver (small slack wire) towards the front of the light source.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Solder LEDs

Now it’s time to solder the LED strips together. Don’t worry if you’ve never soldered anything before — our handy soldering guide shows how easy it can be.

Each strip contains four wires:

  • + 12V: common power socket.
  • R: Ground for red LEDs.
  • G: Ground for green LEDs
  • B: Ground for blue LEDs.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Just line up all the connectors together. Connect R With R , G With G and so on. This step can be quite slow, but stick with it! After soldering one LED strip (containing 3 LEDs), connect the power supply and check your progress. Highly it’s hard to fix any problems if you only test after soldering. Connect power and check after completing each set of connections.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Completion off

After soldering, attach the control panel to the back using double-sided tape, glue, or hook and loop fastening. Use the clip to attach it to a tripod or your camera. Plug in the power supply and then use the remote control to adjust the brightness and color:

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

These LED strips are capable of displaying a wide range of different colors, but the best results are often achieved with slightly simpler colors rather than bright reds, blues and greens.

Here’s what the light used looks like. First, the main scene with the ring light off:

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Then, the light is on, but only with soft, soft light:

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

Finally, here is the light at full power:

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

As you can see, simple changes in brightness, color, and lighting distance can make a big difference in the final result. Over time, with a bit of experimentation, you’ll find out when these settings work best.

DIY your own DIY led ring light YouTube video

That’s it — you’re done! We hope you’ve gained some valuable electronics and woodworking skills and now have an LED ring light for a fraction of the cost of a commercial model. Why not combine it with the best DSLR and start releasing some epic photos or videos?

Have you created your own LED ring light? What changes have you made to yours? Or maybe you bought one of the stores. Whatever you do, let us know in the comments below, we’d love to see you!

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