The night has come; you’re turning «Hey Google, turn off all the lights,» you whisper, and then comes regretfully as your Google Home yells out confirmation, waking everyone up. Here’s how to get Google to speak quietly at night.

You may have experienced this more times than you care to admit. Everyone is sleeping and you are ready for bed too. You tell your Google Home or Nest Hub to turn off the lights, and it yells, seemingly at the top of its digital lungs, in confirmation that it will turn off the lights. It should not be.

You can turn on night mode for every Google Home or Nest Hub device you own to have them speak softer and dim the lights, or use grouping to keep the devices from talking at all.

Enable night mode for a good night

Night mode in the Google Home app.

If you need your Google Homes to talk quietly during certain hours, you need Night Mode. You can set Night Mode to turn on and off automatically on a schedule, set the volume to maximum, and even set the built-in Google Home LEDs to maximum brightness.

The downside is that you have to enable and set up Night Mode for every Google Home device you own. So if you miss one, you’ll find the hard way the next time you use it and expect a quiet response.

To enable Night Mode, open the Google Home app, then tap on the Google Home device you want to set up. Then click on the mechanism in the upper right corner.

Google Home device dialog with an arrow pointing to gear settings.

Scroll down and tap on Night Mode.

Google Home Device settings dialog with Night mode option.

Turn on night mode, and then choose the settings you want, including the volume slider. Don’t forget to press every day when you want night mode to work (for example, you can turn it off on weekends). Google Home devices that have LED indicators above the speaker will have an additional LED brightness control. Nest Hub devices will not have this option.

Night mode settings dialog showing the daily schedule from 22:00 to 18:00.

Group Devices in Silent Call Rooms

Google home kitchen room group showing light and nest display.

Another way to avoid a loud response is to group (called «Rooms») a Google Home or Nest Hub device in the same room as your lights. When you tell Google Home to turn off the lights in the same room as the voice assistant, it will ring quietly instead of responding with a verbal confirmation.

Also, when the Google Home is in the same room as the smart light (such as the living room), you can say «Hey Google, turn off the lights» instead of «turn off the lights in the living room.» A few words so you’re all around.

If your Google Home or smart sources are not already grouped, open the Google Home app and select the device you want to add to the room. Then click «Add to Room».

A magic mirror device with a box around the

Then follow the instructions to select the room you want to add the device to. Do this for all your smart devices and Google Homes. You will immediately benefit from quieter sounds and easier-to-use voice commands.

If you’re using Amazon Echo instead, try Whisper Mode for a quieter nighttime experience.

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