If you are playing on PC or Xbox One you probably noticed that loading PlayStation 4 exceptionally slow in comparison. This discrepancy is due to a design flaw in how the PS4 console interacts with PlayStation Network . However, there are a number of tricks you can try to improve your PS4 download speed.

These tips work for all versions of PlayStation 4, including PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim models.

Easy Ways to Increase PS4 Download Speed

How fast can your PS4 download games movies and other software depends a lot on your internet connection. However, here are a few basic guidelines to follow to speed up your PS4 downloads:

  • Upload one thing at a time : Avoid downloading multiple items at the same time.
  • Don’t play online while downloading : This will slow down both your game and loading.
  • Suspend and resume . If the download seems to be stuck at a certain percentage, try pausing and resuming the download to see if that fixes it.
  • Install the latest PS4 system software : You will be automatically prompted to download system updates when they become available, but if you somehow missed an update, you can get it by going to » Settings» > » System Software Update» .

How to download in rest mode

One of the best ways to ease the burden of waiting for a download is to run it while your PlayStation 4 is in rest mode. Rest Mode is a low power state in which the console is turned off, but some features (such as charging controllers and peripherals via USB) can still work.

Here’s how to tell your PlayStation 4 to finish downloading when you’re not using it.

  1. On the main toolbar with all games, scroll up and to the right and select icon toolbar, to open settings.

    Settings on PlayStation 4
  2. Select Energy saving settings .

    Power saving settings on PlayStation 4
  3. Select Set the functions available in holiday mode .

    Adjusting the features available in Rest Mode in PS4 Settings
  4. Check box Stay connected to the Internet so that your console can continue downloading while at rest.

    Stay connected to the internet on PS4

Optimizing Internet settings for faster PS4 downloads

PS4 slow loading is usually caused by a bad internet connection, not problems with the console itself. Internet problems may occur due to hardware malfunction or restrictions set by your Internet service provider. Depending on your internet plan, you may be limited in the amount of data you can download at one time. If you notice that your internet is consistently slow, consider upgrading to a better plan or changing your provider.

Your modem and router also have limits on the amount of data they can process at the same time. Even if you pay for a top tier internet plan, you can only fully use it if your hardware is capable of supporting it. You can check with your ISP to make sure you have the right hardware for your internet package.

Optimizing your internet and Wi-Fi settings means more than just paying for faster internet; There are some free tricks you can try to improve the efficiency of your connection:

  • Router location : cm. » The best place for your wireless router» .
  • Downloading when no one else is using the internet A: A crowded Wi-Fi network can slow down PS4 downloads, so if another user is downloading something at the same time, both downloads will suffer.
  • bypass the router : To get around Wi-Fi issues, you can connect your PS4 directly to your tethering via ethernet cable for faster loading.

Switching DNS Servers for Faster PS4 Boot

Adjusting your console’s DNS settings is an effective way to speed up your PS4’s boot time. DNS servers translate user-friendly web addresses into IP addresses which is why they are called Internet phone books. To switch DNS servers:

  1. open Settings .

    Settings on PlayStation 4
  2. Select Net .

    Network in PS4 settings
  3. open Internet connection setup .

    Internet connection setup in PS4 settings
  4. Select use wifi, if your console is connected to a wireless network, or select Use a LAN cable, if your console is connected directly to your modem.

    Setting up an internet connection on PS4
  5. Select custom, to change DNS settings.

    If you are using a Wi-Fi network, you will be prompted to select a network from a list.

    Setting up an internet connection on PS4
  6. You should now be on the IP address settings screen. Select Automatically .

    IP address settings on PS4
  7. Select Do not specify .

    DHCP Host Settings on PS4
  8. Select Manually, to directly edit your DNS IP addresses.

    DNS settings on PS4
  9. You will be prompted to enter the primary and secondary IP addresses for the DNS server you selected. Any of these options should give you a significant advantage over the default settings:

    • Google: (Main); (Average)
    • OpenDNS: (primary); (average)

    You can experiment with different DNS servers to see which one works best for your location. Cm. How to change DNS server settings for further instructions.


  10. When finished, click Further at the bottom of the screen to access the MTU settings.

    Custom DNS settings on PS4
  11. On the next screen, select Automatically .

    Don’t try to decrease your console’s default MTU. This solution no longer increases PS4 download speed.

    MTU settings on PlayStation 4
  12. On the Proxy Servers page, select Do not use .

    Proxy settings on PlayStation 4
  13. On the next screen, select Test Internet Connection, to see if the download speed has improved

Results may vary from test to test, so run multiple tests to get a better idea of ​​how fast your connection is.

Internet connection test screen on PlayStation 4

Speed ​​up PS4 downloads with a proxy server

If you are still not satisfied with PS4 download speed, you can set up a proxy server on your laptop or desktop to help the process.

  1. Download and install proxy server software on your computer. Windows users can try CCProxy is free; Mac users can try Squidman .

  2. Start your proxy server and get its IP and port numbers. If you are using CCProxy, this information can be found in the settings menu.

  3. Set up a new internet connection on your PS4. Go to » Settings» > » Net» > » Set up Internet connection » > » Use WiFi» > » Custom» then select a router.

  4. Select » Automatically» or » Do not indicate» for everyone until you go to the «Proxy Server» page.

  5. Enter the proxy server IP and port number.

  6. Your PS4 will now use your computer as a proxy, which should result in faster downloads.

With this setup, your PS4 will only be able to connect to the internet through a proxy server. Therefore, you may want to readjust your settings when you’re done uploading large files.

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