The Amazon Appstore is where Kindle Fire users go to get their apps, but it has some drawbacks compared to Google Play. especially in the number of applications. If you want to install an app on your Kindle Fire that’s outside of the Amazon Appstore, you’ll have to download it — here’s how.

First, you must enable the ability to install apps from unknown sources (those outside of the App Store). This process is slightly different depending on how new your Kindle is:

  • For first or second generation devices, go to » Settings > Advanced > Device > Allow app installation and turn it on.
  • Third and fourth generation Kindle owners should enable » Settings» > «Apps» > «Apps from unknown sources» .
  • Owners of the latest fifth generation, turn on Settings > Security > Apps from unknown sources .

For the actual installation, you will need an APK (which stands for Android Application Package). Check out our guide on how to download APK files directly from Google Play. if you want to put an app from the Play Store on your Kindle Fire.

Warning: APKs can come from anywhere, and downloading them is not guaranteed to be secure. If you are trying to get paid apps for free or downloading apps with explicit content, be aware that they may harm your device.

You can install an APK in one of two ways. The easiest way is to open a web browser and navigate to the file’s location on the web, clicking it to download and install. Optionally, you can also connect the Fire to a PC and transfer the APK to your device, then simply open it on your device to install.

Many great Android apps are not available on Google Play. so give them a try if you need sideload apps.

What apps do you want to install on your Fire using this method? Let us know if the Amazon Appstore isn’t good enough for you below!

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