Make your next email Outlook more attractive by inserting an image into the text, rather than attaching it as a file. An inline image is what’s in the body of your email, not an attachment. You can set text to wrap around an image, keeping it close to related content and enhancing the look and feel of the message itself.

The instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, Outlook for Office 365, and

Check your image file size and compression

First, you should check that your image is compressed so that you don’t have any problems emailing it. Compression reduces the file size so mail systems can handle it (they often have a file size limit for messages, and if your image is too big it won’t go through).

If your image is large, perhaps because it’s original, there are tools to image compression . You must also resize image for email. Once you’ve reduced it to a manageable size, you can follow the steps below to insert it into your post.

Insert an image into an Outlook message

To add an inline image to a message, follow these steps for Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and Outlook for Office 365. If you have, see the sections below.

  1. To begin New letter . Your message must be in HTML format . Then select the » Text Format ‘ in the new e-mail window.

    New message with highlighted text format in Outlook 2016
  2. In chapter Format select HTML .

    HTML format button in Outlook
  3. Select tab » Insert «. Place the cursor in the body of the message where you want to place the image.

    Insert menu into message in Outlook 2016
  4. In chapter » Illustrations » select « Images» . The Insert Image window opens.

    Pictures button on Outlook 2016 Insert tab

    You can search for images online without leaving Outlook by selecting Online Pictures, which triggers a Bing image search. You can also find images in your OneDrive account.

  5. Navigate to the image you want to insert. When you find an image you want to use, select it and choose Insert .

    Insert image window in Outlook

    You can paste multiple images at the same time by holding Ctrl key and selecting each image you want to include.

  6. Adjust the image size by holding one of the markers around its edges and then dragging it. It will scale up or down as you move the handle.

    Inserted image in a message in Outlook 2016
  7. Click button » Layout Options » (appears when an image is selected) to show how the image interacts with surrounding text. In Line with Text is selected by default and aligns the bottom of the image with the line of text at the insertion point.

Options » wrap around text» includes wrapping text around it, behind it, in front of it, and other actions. The effect depends on the shape of your image. Choose the option that suits you.

Layout options menu in Outlook 2016

How to insert an image into an message

Inserting an embedded image on isn’t difficult, although you don’t have as many image formatting options as you do with Outlook software versions.

  1. Your post must be in HTML format (versus plain text) in order to insert an inline image. HTML is the default setting so you don’t need to change it, but to test it, open a new post and click the options button at the bottom. If the menu offers Switch to HTML select it.

    Options menu with
  2. Place the cursor in your message where you want to place the image.

  3. Select the image icon from the menu below your post. It’s on the same menu bar as the Submit and Cancel buttons. The Insert Image window opens.

    Options menu with
  4. Select the image you want to insert and then click Open .

    Open window to insert picture in
  5. The image will appear in your message.

    Message with picture inserted in

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