By default, the motion camera that comes with the Abode home security system is set to a lower resolution, but below is how to increase the resolution if you want a higher quality image from the motion camera.

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There are two different resolutions: 320×240 and 640×480. Of course, no one will give you a fantastic image, but at least you want the best resolution you can get.

To change the permission, you need to visit the Abode web interface, as the application does not support making these changes. When you get there, sign in with your Abode credentials.

After logging in, click «Account» in the sidebar on the left.

Select System Preferences.

In the section at the top (called «General Settings») you will see «Motion Camera Permission». Click on the drop down menu next to it.

You will be given two options — select «640x480x3 images».

You can also change two other settings: Grayscale and Mute All Sounds. Both are disabled by default. Otherwise, click Apply.

You probably won’t notice a huge difference anyway, but it’s at least worth taking advantage of the higher resolution if it’s offered to you, and that goes for any camera.

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