Spotify is one of the best ways to stream music on Android. the best way to stream music as it’s an amazing free plan and even more powerful for just $10/month. If you’ve dipped into the premium plan, you know you can store your music offline. saving data and battery in the process.

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However, sometimes Spotify may experience issues when using an SD card as secondary storage. It may or may not throw an error related to «storage area not found». When this happens, here are the steps you need to take so you can get back to groovin’.

  • Clear the cache Spotify by selecting » Settings»> «Applications» search for «Spotify» and select » Clear cache» .
  • Delete Spotify by following the same steps, but select » Delete» on the information screen of the application.
  • Unplug your SD card by going to » Settings»> «Storage» and selecting » Disable SD card» . Then install it again, either by repeating the processing, but selecting Mount SD card or physically remove and reinsert the card.
  • Finally, reinstall Spotify let it go advancing Good times.

Hope this fixes your issue if you run into it. Fewer devices come with microSD card slots these days, which is a shame, but it also prevents these kinds of mistakes.

Don’t let troubleshooting here! Let us help you solve the most common problems with so you can get back to enjoying your device.

Have you ever had trouble reading Spotify storage? Let us know how much offline Spotify music you carry in the comments!

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