Who unfollowed me on Instagram?

This is a general question. Instagram the app doesn’t tell you, who unfollows you, when it happens. All you see is a declining number of subscribers and you’re left staring at the app asking yourself, «Who unfollowed me?» There may be an application that can help with this.

If you’re wondering who your followers are, you’ll probably want to know about some third-party Instagram follower apps that can tell you who clicked that unfollow button on your profile.

Most of these methods require an Android or iOS device.

Make sure you don’t confuse lost followers with Instagram-related issues. For example, when Instagram is not working or arises some problem, it might seem like you’re losing followers for a short time…only to find them where they should be when the Instagram issues are resolved.

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See who unfollowed you on Instagram

Who Unfollowed Me: Manual Path

The easiest way to check who unfollowed you on Instagram is to do it manually, keeping track of the exact number of followers and specific users. If you notice that your number of followers has decreased, you can examine the «Followers» lists of those specific users to see if they are still following you.

This is obviously a very time consuming and impractical job, especially if you have a lot of followers that change regularly. You are much better off using a tool that specializes in tracking your followers and unfollowers.

Instagram restricts apps from analyzing followers

Instagram does use its API for privacy reasons, which means that third-party app developers, which shouldn’t be followed, are much more limited in how they can access users’ followers. If you’ve been trying to use an app that showed that it’s unfollowed you, but noticed that it’s not working, these changes made to the Instagram API might explain why.

However, there are some good third party applications who can help you. Here are three different ones that connect to your Instagram account and tell you some useful information about your followers (and unfollowers).

Follow the meter

Screenshots for the Android Follow Meter app showing popularity counters

Follow Meter is an app that gives you an idea of ​​your Instagram popularity, users, secret admirers and ghost fans. Once downloaded and installed on your iOS or Android device, you will be prompted to sign in to your Instagram account through the app.

Your dashboard will show you your followers as well as new followers, users who don’t follow you, and users you haven’t followed. Some features are only available with in-app purchases, but according to some reviews, Follow Meter has adapted well to changes to the Instagram API, allowing users to still see who unfollowed them.

Download for:

Followers Tracker Pro

Screenshots of Followers Tracker Pro for iOS

Followers Tracker Pro may have a «pro» name, but it’s free to download and start using right away (with in-app purchases for additional features). This app functions as a simple tracker/follower with a clean and intuitive interface.

View followers you have gained, followers you have lost, unfollowers (users who don’t follow you), as well as deleted likes and comments instantly. Just click on tab » Lost followers ‘ to see a list of your followers.

Screenshot of app with Lost Followers tab

You can even delve deeper into your followers by checking your «ghosts», seeing who’s posting nearby, tracking your average likes per photo, and more. The app is updated very regularly (several times a month), which is a good sign as it will most likely function properly as it integrates with the Instagram app.

Download for:

Follow the cop

Screenshots of Follow Cop Android

If you’re an Android user looking for a really slick follower tracking app, Follow Cop is definitely worth checking out. This app allows you to see users who have not followed you (users who are not following you), users who have recently unfollowed you, ghost followers, most followed users, and more.

Since the app shows that you’ve only unfollowed you very recently, you need to check the unsubscribers regularly. From these followers, you will also be able to see if you are following them.

Follow Cop also allows you to manage your followers more easily than with the Instagram app. You can bulk unfollow up to 15 users, use filters to find fake followers, and connect up to three Instagram accounts at the same time for use with the app.

The free version supports 15 repetitions at a time, but you can repeat this process as many times as you like. To unsubscribe from 200 users at the same time, you must pay.

Download for:

What to do when you see someone unfollowed you

Once you’ve used any of the above apps to see your Instagram followers, you have to decide if you should try get those followers back or just forgive them and forget about them. If you decide to get them to come back, you’ll have to spend some time and energy liking their posts, commenting on them, and maybe even following them.

Keeping followers and customers is generally very important for companies and brand builders, and these apps can be invaluable in keeping you socially active.

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