If you’re considering selling your Kwikset Kevo, or if you’re just moving house and don’t plan to take it with you, here’s how to factory reset it so your digital keys are completely erased from it.

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Unfortunately, the process isn’t as straightforward as Kwikset could make it, as none of the buttons on the lock say «reset» and there’s no way to reset the lock from within the app. Luckily, we’re here to help (and it literally takes 10 seconds).

First, remove the black cover by sliding it up and out.

Find the small button labeled «A». It will be near the upper left corner of the castle.

Press and hold this button for about ten seconds until you hear the lock beep and the lights on the outside of the lock start flashing red.

Once this happens, release the button and everything will be fine! Kevo is now ready for its new owner. Again, this will completely erase all of your current digital keys, as well as any key fobs you have connected to it. So make sure you reset the lock once you’re sure you won’t use it again.

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