At Google I/O 2018, Google announced a feature called Continued Conversation that makes your home speakers much more useful by continuing to listen after the initial command. This feature is now available — here’s how to check it out.

Update : After the redesign of the Google Home app, this setting has been moved. You can now find it in the Home app > Account > Settings > Assistant > Continue Conversations.

What is the continuation of the conversation?

Currently, you must say «OK Google» or «Hey Google» every time you want to issue a command or ask a question in Google Home. But as the conversation continues, Home will start listening immediately after each command, making it easy to combine multiple commands or questions.

For example, you can say «Hey Google, how tall is Jimmy Butler?» and Home will say he’s 6’8″. Then, right after that, you can say «Who is he playing for?» and Home will reply «Minnesota Timberwolves» without requiring you to do a second «Hey Google».

This feature is smart too — Google designed it so it can distinguish new commands from regular conversation. This way you can say «OK Google, turn on the living room lights» and continue the conversation with your friends before giving the command.

How to Enable Continue Conversation in Google Home

Enabling continuation of a conversation in Google Home is very simple. To get started, open the Home app for iOS or Android.

Slide open the menu and then click «Advanced Settings».

From the «Settings» menu, select the «Settings» setting.

At the bottom of the Settings page, select the Continue Call option, and then on the Continue Call page, toggle the switch to the on position. You’ll notice that below the toggle it shows which of your devices supports call-to-talk — it’s currently only available on dedicated home speakers.

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