Whenever you download files to your Mac or macbook it automatically saves these files in the download folder. Over time, this folder can become huge and take up valuable storage space. device storage your Mac . If this folder takes up enough space, it can start to affect your Mac’s performance.

But if you can’t find where these files are stored on your MacBook, keep reading to learn how to find out where these files are stored on your computer.

How to find your downloads folder on Mac?

The easiest way to find folder «Downloads» on your Mac, in the Finder select » Downloads» in the Go menu. The Downloads folder should appear (it will say Downloads at the top of the window).

Finder is a program that is always running on your Mac. This is where your desktop is with all the icons on your desktop. If you’re reading this article in a web browser (Safari, for example), just click on the two-tone blue happy face on your Mac’s dock (probably at the bottom of your screen).

How to delete downloaded files on your Mac

Once you have found where your files are stored on your MacBook, you can delete them.

  1. Open folder «Downloads» .

  2. Hold Command+A key to select all files.

  3. Once the files are selected, go to » File» at the top left of the screen and click » Move to Trash».

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    The files will be moved to your trash.

  4. To permanently remove junk, click the menu labeled Finder and select » Empty trash» .

    Screenshot of Empty Recycle Bin on MacBook.

There is no «cancellation» from this, so make sure it’s exactly what you want to do.

Remove traces of what you have downloaded

So far, we’ve deleted the real files on your Mac, but we haven’t removed all traces of them. If you used a web browser to download these files, the browser will store some history with this information.

Web browsers, including Safari, Googe Chrome, or Firefox, keep a record of all your downloads, making it easy to find where those files are stored. However, it is important to understand that the browser does not contain downloaded files.

Here’s how to find your download history in Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

Clearing download history delete downloaded files from your computer. Deleting the history will only delete the record of the files you have downloaded. Follow the instructions above to remove the actual files from your Mac.

Clear History in Safari Browser

  1. To clear your download history in Safari, open menu » Story», to open History.

    Screenshot of Safari download history.
  2. Click Clear the history at the bottom of the menu to erase your download history.

A popup will appear asking you which time range you would like to use. Select the period of time you want to erase.

Clear History in Chrome Browser

Here’s how to find out where the files you downloaded from Chrome are stored on your computer.

  1. To clear your download history in Chrome, click menu » Window» and select » Downloads».

  2. Now click on three dots at the top right of the downloads page and select » Clear all» .

    Screenshot of the Chrome page for clearing downloads.
  3. Click Clear all, and the download history will be erased.

Clear history in Firefox browser

Deleting your download history in Firefox is even easier.

  1. Open Firefox, go to tab » Tools ” at the top of the screen and select “ Downloads» .

    Firefox screenshot to find downloads under Tools.
  2. A new screen will open showing you the downloads, with a link to open each file. Just press the button Clear Downloads to delete your download history.

    Screenshot of Firefox downloads.
  3. To clear your download history in Firefox, select » Library»> «History» > » Clear» > » Story».

  4. You can select a time range by clicking the drop-down menu next to time range, to specify how far you want to clear.

  5. Done by clicking Clear now.

Everything is clear

Remember that you need to move the files to the trash, empty the trash and clear the history in the web browser if you want to remove all traces of the downloaded file.

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