The benefit of a keyboard lock like Schlage Connect is that you don’t need physical keys at all. Instead, you simply enter a key code (aka user code) and you’re off to the races. The following describes how to create and manage Schlage Connect smart lock key codes both on the lock itself and on your phone.

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Before we begin, you need to know the programming code for your lock, which can be found on the back of the inside of the device. Before you set the lock, you should have written it down, but if not, you need to parse it and write down the code. This is necessary to put the lock into programming mode, which allows you to change and manage the lock settings.

How to add a user code

Schlage Connect comes with a couple of default codes, but it’s best to come up with your own code to use.

To begin, open the door and pull the bolt out until it is in the locked position (you will begin programming this way). From there, click on the Schlage button at the top of the keyboard, and then enter your six-digit programming code (again, you’ll start all programming this way).

After pressing the Schlage button and entering your program code, press «1» and then enter the new user code that you want to use twice. Therefore, if you want your new user code to be 1234, you must enter 12341234. (Note: please do not use 1234 as your door code.)

If successful, the green check mark will flash twice and you will also hear two beeps. If you received a red cross, click the Schlage button to start over.

To add a user code using your phone, you first need to connect your smart lock to your SmartHome hub. In my case, I am using Wink Hub 2 along with the Wink app. Check out our installation guide on how to do this. You can use a different hub and it should follow a somewhat similar process.

Select your app lock and then click on the arrow on the right.

You may need to enter your Wink password before continuing, but once that’s done, you’ll be taken to the User Codes screen. Click on «Add user code».

Enter a new user code. You will need to sign in twice to verify.

After that, give the user a name code, as well as a reminder if you ever need to delete them in the near future. Then click Done.

How to remove user code

To delete the user code on the lock itself, press the Schlage button, then the program code and press «2».

Then enter the user code you want to delete twice. If successful, you will receive a flashing green checkmark and two beeps.

You can also delete all user codes at once by pressing the Schlage button, entering the programming code, pressing «6», and then entering the programming code again. This will prevent you from opening the door with a user code (since there is none) until you create a new user code.

To delete the user code on your phone, click on the arrow on the right to access the lock user codes. From there, click on the user code you want to delete.

Then click Remove this code.

How to change user code length

Schlage Connect allows you to use from four digit user codes to eight digit user codes. Be aware, however, that changing the length of a user code will also erase all current user codes, so you will have to create new codes after you do so.

To change the length, press the Schlage button, enter the program code, then «8», and then press the number on the keyboard corresponding to the length you want to use (you will press this number twice). So if you want six digit user codes, you’ll hit 66. If successful, you’ll see a flashing green checkmark and two beeps.

To change the length of the user code on your phone, click on the arrow on the right to access the lock user codes and select «User Code Length».

Choose a number between four and eight, and then click Set User Code Length.

Keep in mind that this will delete all current user codes, so you’ll need to go back and create new ones when you do this.

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