When it comes to «regular» wristwatches, many people have different watches for different activities. It makes sense — a sports watch for the gym, a more pleasant watch for the office, and a casual watch for everything else. If you want to live that life with Android Wear, connecting multiple watches to your main phone is easy.

So, go ahead and get this watch out of the box, fire it up, and let’s do it.

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Since this is not your first time installing a Wear watch, you probably already know what to do with the watch itself. So we’re going to focus on setting up the phone here because it can be confusing if you want to pair the second watch without disconnecting the first one first.

Once your watch is on and ready to pair, go to the Android Wear app. This should show the watch that is currently paired.

Click on the dropdown menu that displays the name of your watch, then select Add New Watch.

The setting screen appears. Select your new watch and click OK.

Connect it as usual here, let it go through the installation process and you are ready to rock and roll.

To switch between two clocks, simply use the drop down menu. However, it’s worth noting that all notifications will be sent to both monitors as long as they’re connected (regardless of which one is selected in the Wear app). If you’re worried about someone else seeing your notifications, be sure to turn off the watch you’re not wearing.

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