We’re all used to installing the latest iOS update on our iPhones, but the new Apple HomePod speaker doesn’t have a screen to show you the red dot. How do you know what version of HomePod you’re on? How do you update it?

HomePod automatically updates

Here’s the good news: Your HomePod doesn’t need to be updated, at least not manually. It will be constantly updated as long as it is connected and turned on. So unless you’re really looking forward to a particular feature, there’s no reason to worry about it.

Want to manually update your HomePod or check the firmware version? Use the Home App

If your HomePod is lagging behind in updates, perhaps because it hasn’t connected in a while, you’ll want to update to the latest version to make sure you get all the new features. And to do that, you need to use the Home app on your iPhone. And the easiest way to find it is just to find it, because it’s probably lost somewhere.

Once you open the Home app, tap the Location icon in the top left corner because you’ll find a lot of settings there. Why do they use the location arrow icon for this? No idea! But touch anyway.

Scroll down to the next screen until you see the Software Update option under Speakers and tap it. The next screen will check to see if you have any new software updates and will show the current HomePod software version number if no updates are currently available.

If there are new updates, you will be immediately prompted to install the new update, which will work just like you are used to with iOS updates. Just click «Download and Install» to start the update and wait for it to complete.

If Homepod has already detected that you have a pending update, opening the Home app will immediately show you that an update is available and tapping it will take you straight to the update screen.

And, of course, you can always just wait to get a new update, which will automatically install itself at any time.

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