The Firefox browser allows you to change many aspects of a web page’s settings before sending it to the printer. This includes not only the standard options such as page orientation and scale, but also some advanced features such as printing and aligning custom headers and footers. This tutorial explains each custom setting and teaches you how to change them.

Firefox print preview

This guide is only for users using the Mozilla Firefox web browser in operating systems linux , MacOS X macOS Sierra and Windows .

First, open the Firefox browser. Click the button main menu represented by three horizontal lines and located in the upper right corner of the browser window. When the pop-up menu appears, select the » Seal» .


Interface preview in Firefox should now appear in a new window, showing what active pages will look like when sent to the specified printer or file. At the top of this interface are several buttons and drop-down menus, including the ability to select book or landscape orientation for print orientation.

Firefox print orientation

If a selected Portrait (default option), the page will be printed in the standard vertical format. If a Landscape selected, then the page will be printed in landscape format, commonly used. when the default mode is not sufficient, to match part of the content of the pages.


To the left of the options » Orientation» is located setting » Scale» which is accompanied by a drop-down menu. Here you can resize the page for printing. For example, changing the value to fifty% the corresponding page will be printed at half the size of the original page.

Firefox print scale

Default selected parameter » Shrink to page width . When activated, the browser will be instructed to print the page in such a way that it changes according to the width of your printing paper. If you’re interested in changing the scale value manually, just select the drop-down menu and select the » Custom» .

This interface also has a «Settings» button pages» which launches a dialog box containing several print options divided into two sections; Format and Options and margins and header/footer .


Tab » Options ‘ contains several options for changing the appearance of the printed page, including the option followed by the flag ‘ Print background» (colors and images) . When you print a page, Firefox won’t automatically include background colors and images. This is by design since most people only want to print text and images in the foreground.

Firefox print options

If you want to print the entire content of the page, including the background, just click once on the box next to this option so that it has a check mark.

Header / Footer

In chapter » Options» Firefox also gives you the ability to customize the headers and footers of your print job in several ways. Information can be placed in the left corner, in the center and in the right corner at the top (header) and bottom (footer) of the page. Any of the following items, selected from the drop-down menu, can be placed in any or all of the six provided locations.

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