To resize many image files to a common size, use the batch processing tools in the free XnView image viewer. XnView MP offers robust image editing for computers under Windows control , Mac and linux .

The instructions we detail below are for XnView MP version 0.93.1

How to batch resize an image in XnView MP

The conversion process is carried out using the utility wizard:

  1. Select Tools > batch conversion.

    XnView screenshot with Batch Convert command highlighted
  2. When the batch conversion tool launches, click the button Add files to add images.

    Screenshot of XnView with Add Files button highlighted
  3. Go to tab Actions utilities. Click » Add Action», then select the action you want to take. You will see one of your images as a preview in the right pane. To resize, click Add action > Image > Resize .

    Screenshot of XnView batch transform screen with Resize command highlighted
  4. Set options for the conversion wizard. Use the drop-down list to automatically configure settings, or configure them manually. In most cases, the preset will work, but you can further adjust the height and width of the image and select fit and shrink limits.

    Batch XnView Conversion
  5. Go to tab » Conclusion » and set the desired output rules.

    You can set the output folder, file name template, image metadata settings, and actions to take after the export is complete.

    Screenshot of XnView Batch Transform window with Output tab highlighted
  6. Click convert, to start the package.

    Screenshot of XnView Batch Transform window with Convert button highlighted

Saving your settings

At any point in the process, click the small disk icon in the lower left corner of the Batch Conversion window to save your settings to a configuration file. To open these settings again, use the folder icon or the drop-down menu next to it.

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