There are many ways to bypass a lost Windows password but one of the easiest, of course, provided that there is more than one user on the computer, is to simply change the password from another account.

Changing the password for another user’s account is easy, no matter what version of Windows you have, as long as you have an account with administrative privileges. Look, What version of Windows do I have installed? if you are not sure which of these versions of Windows is installed on your computer.

When you change the Windows password from outside an account, which is what you do when you change another user’s password, the user you change the password for loses all access to EFS encrypted files, personal certificates, and any saved passwords such as for network shares and passwords. website. Most users don’t have EFS encrypted files, and losing saved passwords is probably not a big deal, but we wanted you to know how to reset your password this way.

Your Windows account must be configured as an administrator if you want to change another user’s password. If not, you might have to try this Windows password reset trick or use free windows password recovery program, to change the password.

How to change another user’s password in Windows 10 or 8

  1. Open the Windows 8 or 10 Control Panel .

    In touch interfaces, the easiest way to open control Panel in Windows 10 or Windows 8, through a link in the Start menu (or on screen » Applications» in Windows 8), but menu » Experienced user», probably runs faster if you have a keyboard or mouse.

  2. On Windows 10 select user accounts . It is called User Accounts and Family Safety in Windows 8.

    User Accounts in Control Panel

    If for the parameter » View by» chosen » Large icons» or » Small Icons» this link will not be displayed. Instead of this select » User accounts» and go to step 4.

  3. Select user accounts .

    User Accounts in the User Accounts window
  4. A few links down to user account changes areas user accounts window, select Manage another account .

    Manage a different account link in User Accounts
  5. Select the user for which you want to change the password.

    Local account password protected in the Manage Accounts window

    If you don’t see password protected list somewhere under the username, then that user does not have a password set and should be able to log in without entering anything in the password field.

  6. Now that you are on the screen Make changes to your account [имя пользователя]» select » Change password» .

    Link to change password in the

    Can’t you see link Change password ? This probably means that the user you want to change the Windows 10 or Windows 8 login password using Microsoft account not the usual local account . It’s even easier to reset your Microsoft account password. Cm. How to reset your Microsoft account password for reference.

  7. On the screen password changes [имя пользователя] enter a new password in the first and second text fields.

  8. The last text field prompts you enter a password hint . This step is optional.

    Since you’re probably changing this person’s password because they forgot it, it’s fine if you want to skip the prompt. After a man again will receive access to Windows 8/10, ask him or her to change the password to more private and customize the hint.

  9. Select Change password, to save the password change.

    The Change Password button in the Change Password window
  10. close window » Change account» and other open windows.

  11. Log out or restart your computer and ask the person you reset the password for to try to sign in to Windows 8 or 10 again.

Once logged in, be active and ask the user create a password reset disk in Windows 8 or Windows 10 or switch to a Microsoft account, which will provide an easier way to get a new password in the future.

How to Change Another User’s Password in Windows 7 or Vista

  1. Click Start, and then Control Panel .

  2. Click link » User Accounts and Family Safety» (Windows 7) or » User accounts» (Windows Vista).

    Windows 7 Control Panel

    If you are browsing » Large icons» or » Small Icons» Control Panel in Windows 7, you won’t see this link. Instead, click the icon user accounts and go to step 4.

  3. Press link user accounts .

    User Accounts and Family Safety screen in Windows 7
  4. At the bottom of the field » Make changes» to your account in window » User accounts» select » Manage another account» .

    Windows 7 User Accounts Screen
  5. Select the account for which you want to change the password.

    If the words password protected are not listed under the user type, the user does not have a password configured, meaning they can log into the account without a password. Obviously nothing needs to be changed in this case, so just let the user know they don’t need a password and they can set it themselves the next time they log in.

  6. Under heading Change account [имя пользователя] click link Change password .

    Windows 7 Change account screen
  7. Enter a new password for the user in the first and second text fields.

    Password change screen in Windows 7

    Entering a new password twice helps ensure that you entered the correct password.

  8. The third and last text field will ask you enter a password hint .

    Since you are probably changing this user’s password because he or she forgot it, you can skip the prompt.

  9. Click the button Change password» to confirm the password change.

  10. close window user accounts .

  11. Log out or restart the computer, and then ask the user to log in to their account with the password you chose for them in step 7.

After logging in, the user must create disk for reset windows password to avoid similar problems in the future.

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