Since Windows Phone has been discontinued, Microsoft is no longer trying to create an exclusive experience for its mobile platforms. With Your Phone Apps, you can use Windows 10 apps on iOS and Android devices.

The information in this article should apply regardless of who made your phone (Google, Apple, Samsung, etc.)

Your Phone app for Windows 10 on iOS and Android

Your Windows 10 Phone app (formerly known as Phone Companion) lets you sync your Microsoft account with your smartphone. It installs the following apps on your iPhone or Android phone:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft photos.
  • One disc
  • Forecast
  • Skype

To sync your phone’s Windows app with your mobile device, you must first download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. After installing the mobile app, it will walk you through the necessary steps.

It’s possible to transform music from OneDrive to any device using the Groove app for Windows 10.

Microsoft OneDrive for iOS and Android

The Microsoft OneDrive app automatically stores your Windows 10 documents, photos, and other files in the cloud, making them available on all your devices. Plus, any notes you make with OneNote will appear on your phone, and any changes you make to a Microsoft Office document on your phone will be automatically synced across all your devices. The photos you take with your phone can also be uploaded to OneDrive so you can view them on your computer.

Each OneDrive account comes with 5G of free storage, but if you subscribe to Office 365 you get 1TB of storage for up to five users.

For MAC, there is the OneDrive for Mac app if you want to connect a Mac computer for your Microsoft OneDrive.

Cortana integration for iOS and Android

The Cortana app for Android and IOS allows you to use Cortana Digital Assistant on all smartphones and tablets. Any reminders you set with Cortana on your computer will also appear on your mobile device. When paired with your phone’s app, Cortana can:

  • Find answers to your questions online.
  • Set appointments and reminders in your Outlook calendar.
  • Send text messages and make calls from your computer.
  • Receive mobile app notifications on your computer.

Microsoft has revealed plans to end support for the Cortana mobile app in favor of integrating Cortana functionality into specific Microsoft programs such as Outlook and Office. So you will still be able to use Cortana to select apps, but it will no longer be available as the default voice assistant, alternative to Siri, or Google Assistant.

You can use Cortana and Alame Amazon to control your Amazon fiery tablet.