In, you can quickly add your account Yahoo Mail, so that you can view, send and otherwise interact with your messages and folders from within the app. Whether you set up Yahoo email to be delivered to a separate Yahoo Mail folder or Outlook inbox, the choice is yours.

The instructions in this article apply to

Follow these steps to set up to access your Yahoo Mail inbox .

  1. Login to your email account .

  2. Select Settings . settings menu
  3. Select View all Outlook settings .

    View all Outlook settings on
  4. Select » Mail» > » Synchronize Email » .

    Mail settings and mail sync on
  5. In chapter » Connected Accounts » select » Other email accounts» .

    Set up other email accounts on
  6. AT text field » Display name» enter the name you want to appear in email messages received from you by other users.

  7. Enter your Yahoo Mail email address and password.

    If your Yahoo Mail account uses two-step verification, enter the app password you generated.

    Yahoo Mail account login information added to
  8. Choose to either create a new folder for your Yahoo mail or import Yahoo mail into existing Outlook folders.

  9. Select OK .

The message import process may take some time if you have a lot of Yahoo mail messages. Since this happens from server to server, you can close your browser and turn off your computer. Once the import is complete, your Yahoo Mail messages should appear on

If the connection is not established, select either IMAP / SMTP connection settings, or connection settings POP/SMTP on the error screen and enter the information manually for your Yahoo Mail account.

Manage your connected accounts

If you want to make changes to your Yahoo Mail account, select «Settings» > » View all Outlook settings» > » Mail» > » Synchronize mail » . You will see your Yahoo account along with other email accounts set up on listed in the » Manage connected accounts «. There are options to edit, delete and update the account.

Send Yahoo Mail via email from

To send an email from your Yahoo mail address using, select A new message, to display the message bar. Select From in the address field and select your Yahoo mail address from the dropdown menu. If you plan to use it frequently, set your default yahoo mail address to send messages.

Forward new emails from Yahoo Mail to

If you don’t want to import your existing Yahoo Mail mail messages and folders into, go to your Yahoo account and set up your Yahoo Mail account so that the messages are automatically forwarded to your account.

When you forward Yahoo Mail messages to your account, you cannot send messages from your Yahoo Mail account using

  1. Login to your account Yahoo Mail .

  2. Select Settings .

    Yahoo Mail inbox screen
  3. Select Additional options .

    Additional settings in Yahoo Mail
  4. Select Mailboxes .

    Mailbox menu item selected in Yahoo Mail
  5. Under mailbox list select your Yahoo Mail account.

    Mailbox settings with selected Yahoo Mail account
  6. In chapter Forwarding enter your email address.

    Yahoo Mail Advanced settings with address entered
  7. Select Confirm . An email has been sent to your email account.

    Yahoo mail forwarding after confirmation
  8. In your account, look for a confirmation email from Yahoo. Click the link and follow the security instructions to verify your email address.

    Confirmation email sent by Yahoo
  9. Your Yahoo Mail account will now forward all new messages received to your account.

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