Google’s Santa Tracker is back in 2019. And this year, Santa’s Village has a new look, a new look, new games, and new opportunities to explore. Google has also expanded its holiday efforts to more products such as Google Assistant and Google Earth.

Google has been helping kids and adults track Santa for over 15 years. And ahead of the big day, Google is giving us a glimpse of what’s happening at the North Pole. And 2019 is no exception. Santa’s Village is now open for business.

What’s new in Santa’s Village for 2019?

As in previous years, Santa’s Village is filled with fun (and educational) games and activities. They are mainly meant to keep kids entertained until December, but some adults will probably enjoy them too. Especially Present Bounce and Quick Draw.

There are new parts of Santa’s Village to explore, including a new Santa Claus toy factory and a reindeer gym. There are also new games such as 3D Snowbox which allows you to create your own winter scenes. All in all, there are more than two dozen activities to explore.

Google’s efforts extend to other products as well. So, as detailed in this Keyword post, you can now say «Hey Google, what’s new at the North Pole?» Assistant, test your knowledge of holiday traditions on Google Earth and more.

Santa’s Village is open during December. However, all these games and activities only set the mood for the big day. In fact, you can start tracking Santa from December 23rd. Gives you enough time to download the Google Santa Tracker app.

Download: Google Santa Tracker on Android

How to visit Google’s Santa’s Village

You can visit Santa’s village here. Then you can click the » Play» to load the game randomly. Or you can scroll down the page to open the inner sanctuary and select a specific game or activity. More games and activities open closer to Christmas.

If you’re inspired by Google’s efforts and have time to kill a weekend, you can try creating a virtual tour with Google Earth. you can create virtual tours with Google Earth. It doesn’t have to be themed for Christmas, but if the holidays are your favorite time of the year, why not go for it?

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