Google Photos now has a Memories feature. They use the story format you’re familiar with on social media, but with your own photos and videos. The goal is to remind you of days gone by by helping you relive your memories.

Your smartphone is your best camera

Smartphone cameras are so powerful these days that many of us use our smartphone as our main device for taking photos. And it’s easy to collect hundreds of photos in one day. And over the years, they are recruited by the thousands.

Without a dedicated app, it would be difficult to manage all those shots. However, Google Photos does all the hard work for you by backing up and managing your photos. And now Google Photos has a new feature designed to wake up your memory.

How to use Google Photos Memories

Google released memories for the keyword . The company explains that Memories is designed to «put your memories at the center of Google Photos» and your media «be presented to you privately so you can sit back and enjoy some of your best moments.»

Memories places photos and videos from past years at the top of your gallery. At the top, you’ll see circular galleries labeled «1 year ago», «2 years ago», etc. Click on one of them and in the past you’ll see a selection of photos and videos from that day.

In addition to Memories, Google has added several other new features to Photos. The first is a new search feature that allows you to search for text in your photos. For example, searching for «carrot cake» should bring up your mom’s recipe.

In the US, you can also order prints from Google Photos and pick them up the same day at CVS or Walmart. And if you’d rather hang a large copy of the photo on your wall, you can now order canvas prints and have them delivered to your home.

Other amazing features of Google Photos

Memories is a great feature. Since it is very easy to take photos with a smartphone, you can forget about them. The memories should encourage more people to look back at their best shots. As such, we’ll add it to our list of awesome Google Photos features. functions functions

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