Apple has been offering a «Free App of the Week» for several years now, giving away hundreds of apps in that time. Now Google is following suit with its own «Free App of the Week» for Android users. Google hasn’t officially announced this new offering, but it’s definitely a thing.

There are many free apps available on Google Play Some aren’t even worth their $FREE price tag, while others easily justify themselves as paid apps. What could be better than a free android app? A paid Android app that’s free for a limited time, just like Google’s new «Free App of the Week» of course.

Get the paid app for free for a limited time

Google’s «Free App of the Week» is a new section on Google Play that promotes a paid app that’s free for a limited time. «Free App of the Week» is on the Apps page in the Play Store.

According to VentureBeat, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords were given away for free last week but have now returned to their regular price of $2.99. This week Card Wars-Adventure Time is being given away for free, but should be back to its regular price of $2.99 ​​later this week.

Google actually ran a «Free App of the Week» promotion earlier in 2015. However, for some reason, these efforts did not last long. We hope this new attempt to imitate Apple should hold out a little longer, but don’t blame us if the link suddenly stops working.

Every winner except maybe Apple

This is a smart game from Google. Android Users Android to get a free app every week, developers get an enviable promotion in the Play Store, and Google increases the number of downloads. So, at first Apple did it, but the best ideas are worth copying, as Apple itself knows it all too well.

Do you have android? Do you regularly use Google Play for Apps? Do you only download free apps or do you sometimes buy paid apps? Are you likely to download Google’s «Free App of the Week» regardless of the app? Please let us know in the comments below!

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