Google has added four new features to Datally, the data saver app for Android. These new features include Guest Mode, Daily Limit, Unused Apps, and Wi-Fi Map, which, taken together, should help us all stay within mobile data limits.

In November 2017, Google launched a new Android app called Datally. Datally is designed to help you understand your mobile data usage, manage your data usage and ultimately reduce your data usage. And now Google has added some new features…

Four new Google Datally features

New guest mode allows you to control the situation even when handing over the phone to someone. You set a limit before you give your phone to someone else and that friend or family member will be prevented from burning all your precious data.

If you are more inclined to burn data, there is also Daily limit . This allows you to set the maximum amount of data that you are comfortable using every day. As you approach the limit, you’ll receive a warning and can decide whether to block data for the rest of the day.

Function » Unused Applications» informs you about those applications that you do not use, but which in any case suck valuable data. Google claims that 20 percent of data is lost this way, which is why Datally now lets you uninstall these apps with minimal effort.

Finally, new WiFi card designed to help you find nearby Wi-Fi connections. Local Wi-Fi networks are displayed on Google Maps, allowing you to navigate within the same range if and when you want to stop burning your mobile data.

Datally is now more important than ever

These new features make Datally an indispensable app for all Android users. Or at least those who care about how much data they use and which apps are responsible. If you are Richie Rich with an unlimited data plan, then you can safely ignore this entire article.

Download: Datally for Android [Больше не доступно]

As good as Datally is, it’s not the only way to cut down on data usage. Here are some smart ways to reduce your data usage and some lesser known tips for saving your mobile data. And if all else fails, you can always throw away your smartphone. in general.

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