Google is making Gboard more useful than ever. This time with a little help from AI. Now, instead of requiring you to manually search for the perfect GIF, emoji, or sticker, Gboard recommends visuals that are guaranteed to spice up your boring conversations.

Gboard offers GIFs, Emojis and stickers

GIFs, emoticons and stickers have become an integral part of online discourse. I’m partial to GIFs myself, but others prefer to add emoji or stickers to their posts to add personality. The problem is to find just the right one.

In the future, this should become less of an issue for Gboard users as Google taught Gboard to do the hard work for you. As detailed in «Keyword», «Gboard will use AI to suggest you GIFs, emojis and stickers related to your conversation»

All you have to do is type your message as usual. When Gboard detects that you can add a GIF, emoji, or sticker, the GIF icon will blink. Click on it and you’ll see a selection of GIFs, emojis and stickers that Google thinks are appropriate for the conversation.

This entire process is handled on your device, which means it’s faster and more private than if Gboard communicated with Google’s servers. And just because this feature exists doesn’t mean you still can’t do a manual search.

Gboard for Android vs. Apple Keyboard for iOS

The new recommendations have already been added to Gboard for Android. However, Google hasn’t mentioned if they will be added to Gboard for iOS. However, Apple’s default keyboard already does something similar, suggesting emojis after certain words.

Whether you’re new to Gboard or an advanced user, you might be interested in the things you didn’t know Gboard can do And since this article was published, Gboard has learned how to turn your selfies into stickers. turn your selfies into stickers. and learn how to understand

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