Our verdict on Dobote Mooz :
Easy to assemble 3D printer kit with optional CNC or laser engraving modules. It is a versatile machine, albeit a slow one. 9 ten

This is Dobot Mooz. This is an industrial grade 3-in-1 machine at a very reasonable price of $799. This is a 3D printer, CNC machine and laser engraving combined machine. Join as we are, we’re digging into this and seeing what he can do. This is a jack of all trades, but not the owner?

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Design and build quality

Mooz exudes quality. The all-metal construction and modular design guarantee its exceptional popularity in the market.

Dobot Mooz parts kit

Mooz comes with four identical modular linear actuators. These parts contain everything you need to move the machine along one axis. Each sealed assembly contains a stepper motor, a linear rail, a drive screw, and end stops. The standalone design means assembly is very fast and you don’t have to spend hours tuning each axle.

There are actually several different Mooz models available, ranging from $599 to $799. We have tested the complete package.

  1. $599: Mooz 1Z, with one Z axis.
  2. $699: Mooz 2Z, with dual Z axis.
  3. $799: Mooz Full: Dual Z-Axis, plus laser and CNC modules.

Dobot Mooz connections

Each axle is bolted to a solid metal base and then connected to the brain with a single RJ45 connector. It’s all very simple and clear.

Three different modules can be quickly replaced (in minutes, not seconds). Each module is dedicated to a separate function. These:

  1. 3D printing: molten plastic forms complex shapes in the «traditional» fused deposition method (FDM).
  2. CNC Machining: a tool like a drill rotates at high speeds to cut a shape out of hard material.
  3. Laser engraving: Make complex engravings with this 0.5W laser module.

Each module is discussed in more detail in the respective sections below. While each module is simply attached to the linear actuator, don’t expect to change modules instantly. With practice, you can expect to replace them within minutes, but it’s still a bit of a process involving miniature bolts and hex keys.

The car bed (where your finished part will be) comes in two different styles. A heated bed is used for 3D printing or a vise-like bed for holding CNC material. Dobot also recommends using a 3D printing platform for laser engraving, but we think a CNC vise works much better for this and you are unlikely to damage the precious 3D printing bed.

These beds are attached to the linear actuator with four bolts. Dobot included four holes in an oblong shape so that your hex wrench can go through it. This means you can swap out the bed without having to remove any other parts first, which is a great idea.

Controller Dobot Mooz

Mooz is controlled via the included touch screen controller. It looks like a small smartphone and the small magnet on the base keeps it on the base. This interface is pretty basic, but it gets the job done.

This interface shows the percentage completed, but not the remaining time. So you’re left guessing how much time is left based on percentages and elapsed time. Hopefully a software update can bring this much needed feature.

Dobot Mooz instructions

While Mooz is very well made, with great attention to design, we can’t say the same about the manual. The English quality isn’t brilliant and sometimes it’s hard to decipher the instructions. It’s not impossible to assemble since it’s so well designed, but you may need to read and then re-read the manual again to figure it out.

Dobot Support

During our review, we encountered a problem with our CNC module. It seemed to work fine, but Mooz refuses to run any print jobs. We fixed it by rotating the x-axis, but the support team told us it was unlikely to stop it from working.

Dobot Mooz Wire

When trying to solve the problem, we contacted Dobot support. Initially, we didn’t get a response to our request, but after a press release to our contact, things began to move. It’s worrying that we didn’t hear anything until our media powers spurred developments, and we can only hope that the support group has been going through a busy period and that this is not a sign of a general lack of support.

Laser engraving

Lasers are perhaps the coolest toys in the world. For now DIY laser turrets it’s cool, using one to engrave a design is amazing. You will need to wear the included eye protection, but other than that, operating the laser is a simple process.

Laser Dobot Mooz

The laser on the Mooz is a rather meager 0.5W. You can upgrade the module to 1.5W, but it still won’t be powerful enough to cut wood, plastic, metal, or glass. This may cut the paper, but you probably don’t want to. What is he good at, laser engraving This burns the surface of your material and produces a permanent etch. It can be words, illustrations or photographs. It’s a bit like a tattoo for items.

Laser Dobot Mooz

This works very well, but you will need to experiment with materials. Leather and softwood give excellent results, but you will have a hard time pickling metal. The better the surface quality of your material, the better the resulting image.

Dobot Mooz - wood laser engraving

Even though this laser is very small, it is 100% based on electricity. This means no expensive CO2 tubes to replace or mirrors to balance and protect. This ensures that the Mooz is small and light, at the cost of laser power.

As with the use of an ant-burning magnifying glass*, the laser only works at the set focus height. For each material you use, you will need to experiment to find the best height, speed, and power.

* No ants were harmed in the making of this review.

Dobot Mooz from etched wood

The laser mainly produces designs in raster format. The laser head moves from left to right horizontally, gradually creeping forward. This is a slow process, but it usually produces excellent results with a reasonable level of detail.


The transition to CNC machining is where things get interesting. By rotating the cutting tool at high speed and moving it around the material, you can cut complex shapes and patterns. This is a simplified description, but the process remains the same.

Dobot Mooz CNC

CNC machines are nothing new, and the miniature CNC machine revolution almost started before the explosion of 3D printing. The problem with many small CNC machines is their rigidity. Fabrication of structures by cutting out material is a complex process that places heavy loads on the machine.

Because it’s made of solid metal, Mooz has no problem making designs. You won’t be able to cut metal, but most plastics and softwoods work well. If you need to make a very deep carving, then you can make repeated passes until you reach the desired depth.

Dobot Mooz CNC

When rotating the tool at 12,000 rpm, the Mooz makes a lot of noise. Not only that, but you’ll get wood chips and sawdust all over the place. We highly recommend using the CNC module in a garage or workshop away from your home.

To prevent dirt from getting inside the machining, there is a small cover. This moves with the layer and prevents nearly all of the CNC chips from entering the linear actuator.

The CNC module gives excellent results. Stunning levels of detail can be achieved, and even materials with poor surface quality are transformed by removing the top layer of material. This is the perfect tool for cutting out logos or small designs. PCB manufacturing is another great use.

Dobot Mooz processed wood with CNC

Only one tool is provided, and since CNC machining is still a little specialized, you may have to pay extra for any interchangeable tools, especially those that are both quality and small in size.

3D printing

Dobot Mooz 3D printing

3D printing is arguably Mooz’s main selling point. Making objects by pushing melted plastic is always exciting, and Mooz doesn’t disappoint. The sturdy metal design is almost redundant for simple 3D printing, but it provides a solid and stable base that is more than capable of producing amazing prints.

Dobot Mooz 3D printing

Mooz works like most other 3D printers on the market. It uses smooth deposition modeling to create objects one layer at a time.

While the large cooling fan is constantly running, the Mooz is usually pretty quiet. You wouldn’t want to sleep in the same room with it, but it’s not so loud that it’s annoying, like a CNC module.

Dobot Mooz 3D printing

Heated bed included, total build volume 130mm. A reasonable top speed of 80mm/s is achievable and a layer height of 0.05mm is excellent.

The extruder is a sealed unit, but can be disassembled for maintenance. You don’t need to cover the bed with special tape or glue, as the plastic surface provides the perfect base for your prints to adhere to.

Dobot Mooz finshed 3D print

Note: This image depicts a distorted print, which was not the case with other prints.

As you would expect from such a premium machine, the print quality is fantastic! It’s amazing how well the prints turn out and how they «just work». You will need to spend some time improving the speeds and temperatures for your own prints, but the models shipped from the factory are ready to go.

Don’t forget to read our ultimate guide to 3D printing. guide for detailed 3D printing tips and tricks. If you have a Mooz or any other 3D printer, why not learn how to recycle 3D prints? ?

Mooz for you?

By using all-metal construction, industrial parts, and stand-alone modules, Mooz can achieve precision and ease of use that are virtually unmatched in this price range.

This machine doesn’t shake itself apart or vibrate so much that it needs to be placed in another room. Yes, the laser can be smelly and the CNC generates a huge amount of noise along with a lot of mess, but what don’t these machines do?

Possibly the easiest 3D printer kit we’ve used, Mooz «just works». Even with poor instructions, it can be assembled in less than an hour and allows even a beginner to create amazing designs. With a little practice and setting up different materials, conditions and speeds, you can create amazing artwork.

Dobot Mooz 3D printing

If you’re on a budget, you can buy Mooz without the laser module and CNC module, and then upgrade it if needed. If you’re looking for a 3D printer that doesn’t transform, then why not take a look at our 3D printer buying guide? ?

Mooz’s only downside is speed. Quality has a price, so don’t expect a manufacturer on demand at a craft fair, it’s too slow. It’s not Dobot’s fault, it’s physics. There’s only so fast a laser or CNC can move before the quality is nearly lost. If you can wait, Mooz will deliver the highest quality designs.

Thanks to Dobot, we are giving away our review model. All you have to do is enter our free competition!

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