Screens on specialized automobile GPS devices originally had two diagonals: 3.5 inches and 4.3 inches. Thanks in part to competition from smartphones and the desire of GPS manufacturers to differentiate their products in an increasingly competitive market, large screens have become much more commonplace. Previously, 5-inch screens were rare, but now all major manufacturers have at least a few 5-inch models. Some manufacturers, such as Magellan, have ventured into vast territory with 7-inch screens.

Selecting the GPS screen size

Despite to what’s on the market still there GPS models with 3.5 inch diagonal , you can find 4.3-inch models for just a few bucks across a spectrum of performance and features. This valuable piece of extra screen real estate contributes significantly to the visibility and ease of use of touch controls. With all the screen sizes available, it’s hard to recommend a 3.5″ GPS monitor in screen size to anyone.

Screens in 4.3-inch and 4.7-inch sizes are suitable for most users. The extra real estate provided by larger screens is nice, but not essential for most purposes. As manufacturers improve screen resolution, as Garmin and TomTom have done with new glass capacitive touch screen models you get a much sharper and sharper picture in 4.3″ and 4.7″ screen formats.

The bigger, the better

Visibility improves with size, and touchscreens are easier to use on larger screens. 5 inch screen is the preferred size for car GPS devices for all but vehicles with small windshields, where a larger GPS can block the view of the road.

Large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks usually have windshields that are further away from the driver than passenger cars. In addition, trucks and ATVs typically have large windshields, allowing large GPS devices to be used without blocking the view of the road. The 6″ or 7″ large screen GPS screen is easier to see in larger cabs. Some GPS manufacturers offer large-screen models for trucks and RVs, such as the Garmin Dezl 7-inch screen. In addition to the big screen, Dezl has a louder-than-usual speaker and a range of specific routing features.

If you’re still not sure which GPS screen size is right for you, go to an electronics retailer — you can call first to find out what devices are on the display — and compare the store’s screen sizes.

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