There are so many cool apps on Android it’s hard to keep track of them all. After years of downloading apps, you will most likely have a huge list on the page» My Apps» in Google Play Store. Going through this to find a forgotten feed has always been a pain, but luckily Google has updated the page to make it easier to navigate.

Go to the Play Store app on your phone and slide down the left menu bar. Select My apps and games to see everything you have uploaded. You’ll see several new tabs for organizing your applications:

  • Updates collects apps that have new versions and also shows you the ones you’ve recently updated. Google recently added a feature that shows you how new updates are.
  • Installed shows all apps currently on your device. You can sort them alphabetically, by last updated or used date, or by size.
  • Library contains every app you’ve ever downloaded or purchased that isn’t on your device. If you want to remove something from this list, click the icon x to the right of him.
  • On the tab beta versions Apps for which you have selected early access are shown. if there is.

We hope these new tabs make it easier for you to manage your Android app collection. If you’ve had an Android device for years, it might be worth going to the » Library and clean up old apps that no longer work. This will make the application collection more useful.

Make sure you don’t forget to check out the best apps not on the Play Store.

Do you like the new Play Store tabs? How many apps have you removed from your library? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Image Credit: ymgerman via Shutterstock

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