Your phone has enough limited space to store all your information, from photos to contacts. So you might find yourself quickly starting to fill it up by downloading all of these awesome new Gear Gear VR games. When this starts to happen, or if it has already happened, you can try to figure out how to get more storage out of your phone. Well, we have all the details for you below.

Onboard storage

Different phones have different amounts of space that are initially available for games and apps. Luckily, Samsung’s latest phones have plenty of storage space. Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have at least 64GB of storage space on board. There are several variants of the Galaxy S8+ that come with 128GB of storage. But even with that much storage, you can still fill it up with apps and games.

This is the easiest storage option for most people.

Built-in storage is the easiest type of storage to manage and doesn’t require you to put anything in or connect to your phone, but when enabled it works and you’ll have to look for other options if you’ve managed to fill your phone to the brim .

microSD card