Gear VR

Samsung has built the Gear VR so that it doesn’t have to rely on a separate controller, and in most cases, that’s amazing. The touchpad on the side of the headset allows you to quickly navigate and perform various actions in applications and games, and it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes, either because you don’t want one hand to get tired from playing for an extended period of time, or because you want to be a little more discreet, you need a controller. Of course, there are games that use the Gear VR controller to take gaming to the next level!

Here is a quick overview of the games we like the most when played with the Gear VR controller so you can enjoy VR longer.

Herobound Gladiators

Look down from your position high in the clouds as your adventurer hacks, shoots and jumps through a seemingly endless horde of enemies! Herobound Gladiators is a great solo game with an engaging multiplayer feature, and with a controller in hand, it’s like you’re in your own video game booth, paving the way to victory.

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