The holiday season can give us a great opportunity to work on DIY projects. Making your own Christmas decorations for your home is a great way to use your talents.

We have already reviewed 12 wonderful Christmas projects of Christmas projects along with ideas for recycled DIY Christmas decorations to give your home a personality this Christmas.

In this article, you’ll find some fun ideas for Christmas themed electronics builds, most of which are under $5, making it perfect for people who don’t want to mess up their budget this Christmas.

1 Giant Christmas Star

The first idea on our list today combines budget thinking with simple design to make something that looks fantastic.

affordable diy christmas electronics projects

This New Year’s Christmas star is big enough to impress and looks a lot more professional than the sum of its parts. The simple design is explained by Crystal on and uses cheap wooden rulers to create a star shape that creates a frame for the lights to wrap around. The best? This build costs less than $5.

This idea can be taken even further by using RGB LED strips. using RGB LED strips. using LED strips instead of buying fairy lights from the store and using an Arduino board to control them.

2. Piezo Arduino jukebox

Building your own mini Christmas jukebox is easier than you think, especially if you already have an Arduino. This simple circuit from YouTuber Andy Tran uses simple, cheap components that cost only a cent (and are usually found in Arduino starter kits) to bring the Christmas touch!

Along with the buzzer, an LED flashes during the music and three more LEDs light up in sequence to add to the effect. Music is taken care of by converting MIDI files into library compatible data tones Arduino, using the web tool listed in the video description.

A detailed diagram is also linked to help you assemble the circuit. This can be the perfect beginner project for beginners, and Christmas is the perfect time to give an Arduino as a gift. !

3. Website hit counter

Let the bells ring for Christmas hits! In this case, we are talking about blogs, and the Instructables user is calling Arduino alex_weber !

affordable diy christmas electronics projects

This original build uses an Arduino Uno board (although you can use pretty much any other Arduino IDE compatible board) and a servo to ring a Christmas bell every time you visit the manufacturer’s blog.

The assembly is simple enough for beginners and more experienced hackers alike to try, and the code is a mix C , Python and PHP .

The build doesn’t just have to stop at blog visits, using the IFTTT integration, you can use pretty much anything to trigger a call. We have used a new email to launch our LED strips in our software controlled enclosure. article. The same theory can be applied here. What better way than your own vowel to inflate your ego with your witty Facebook posts?

4. Tweetball!

Next on our list is Tweetball. This build combines DIY technology into a bauble designed to be hung from a tree or left somewhere in plain sight of your guests. The LCD screen is powered by Arduino-enabled Wi-Fi to display messages from Twitter.

affordable diy christmas electronics projects

The screen in this build is a 20×4 LCD which is very cheap and easy to use. For a complete list of available mapping options, see our Arduino mapping guide.

The assembly was designed and built by user Gelotology at Instructables, who provides detailed hardware and software design guidance. The Wi-Fi element of this build is provided using the Sparkfun WiFly module. One way to keep the cost of this build down is to drop the Arduino and Wi-Fi shield and use a NodeMCU. Instead, since it is compatible with the Arduino IDE and comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

5. PCB Christmas tree

Soldering is one of the most important skills that any beginner can master. There are excellent guides for getting started with a soldering iron. though nothing beats practicing on a small project.

Sign, PCB Christmas tree kit !

These holiday-themed kits combine two Christmas tree-shaped circuit boards along with all the components you need to create a futuristic sparkling decoration. The kits are available for just $3.50 and come with all the components you need to get started.

These kits sometimes come with instructions that are difficult to follow, but jlonglaw on Hackaday has provided you with a detailed guide on building these trees.

affordable diy christmas electronics projects

6. Latest Christmas Annoyance Machine

This last one is still quite low-budget, but adds a lot of complexity. We believe that Last Christmas is not a song, but a form of auditory torture, and Instructables user awall99 definitely agrees. What could be better for this information than to create a temptation button for the villains to pass?

This build combines a cheap Ikea frame with two DIY PCBs to take care of the counter and MP3 playback respectively. While all the components for this DIY Christmas project are cheap on their own, this build might be too expensive for those who aren’t already making their own PCBs! Also, since this guide doesn’t go into details on board components, you’ll need to use your own cleverness to get it up and running.

A much easier way to build something like this is to keep the frame design and use the Raspberry Pi as the basis for this operation. We did something very similar when we taught you to play your own tune when you enter a room. With a little tweaking, the picture frame can be fully charged with pi and you can practice your wicked grin while watching people press the button.

Deck Hals, Dave

Christmas is not just Christmas music and your favorite seasonal movies This is also the time to make time for your hobbies and interests. If you are planning to 3D print your Christmas this year, or you just want to give your computer some Christmas cheer. we hope you have a great holiday!

Are you planning to build your own high-tech Christmas this year? Do you have an epic Christmas build you want to show off? Let us know in the comments section below!

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