Now that 3D printing For a long time, people are beginning to understand that this is not just a passing fad or trick. More than you think, 3D printing is the future

If you’re still skeptical, look at these amazing 3D printed objects. some of which border on «revolutionary for society» territory. Coming soon 3D printed electronic circuits can become a reality, and who knows what awaits us in the distant future? Maybe even 3D printed people

But there are also practical, everyday applications. After you have purchased an inexpensive 3D printer for home use you can transform your workstation with these simple but useful 3D drawings.

wall shelf

3d printing office wall outlet shelf

Charging smartphones and tablets can be a pain if you don’t have good settings. Until recently, my devices were plugged into an outlet next to my bed, and the devices themselves were just lying on the floor. Not only does it look bad, but there is always the risk of someone stepping on them.

But if you can print one of these shelves on the wall, you will kill two birds with one stone.

The shelf fits most standard charger adapters. Once installed, you simply plug it into an outlet and place the device on top. If the device is too large to lay flat, simply prop it up using the groove. Very smart design with great practical advantage.

Universal stand for phone and tablet

3d-printing office-universal-phone-tablet-stand

Smartphones and tablets can take up a lot of desktop space, especially if you have more than one. You can get rid of many clutter by simply turning these devices from «flat» to «standing», but you’ll need a stand for that. Hence this plan.

The stand itself may seem a bit small at first glance, but it’s well-designed to work great with all sorts of smartphones and tablets, even if they’re slightly larger. It’s also great for reading files hands-free and watching videos.

Headphone hanger

3d printing office-earphone-hanger

Another item that takes up a lot of desktop space is a set of headphones. They’re big and bulky, which isn’t a problem when you’re wearing them, but they get in the way the rest of the time.

Plus, if you’re not careful, they can be knocked down and rattle to the ground. Headphones are expensive enough that you should take good care of them.

So print yourself one of these hangers. Despite their tiny size, they are quite effective. You’ll need a wall to hang them on, but luckily they come in five sizes: 15mm (0.59″), 20mm (0.78″), 32mm (1.25″), 40mm ( 1.57 inches) and 48 mm (1.88 inches). , Dimensions indicate wall thickness.

Desktop cable holder


Another major source of desktop clutter is stray cables. Headphone jacks, external hard drives, mobile devices—when they’re not plugged in, they’re hard to keep organized and avoid accidental damage.

This cable holder is very simple and straightforward yet extremely effective. It keeps your cables off the desktop yet lets you see them at a glance so you never waste time looking for the cable you need.

Cable Organizer Clip

3d printing office-cable-clip

A desktop cable holder is great, but what about when you need to pack your cables for travel or long-term storage? Easier said than done to keep them compact and intact without unraveling them into a tangled mess — that is, until you print out one of those 1-inch beauties.

All you have to do is wrap the cord and insert it between the hooks. Works well for cables one to two meters long (or longer if the cable itself is fairly thin) and is best for charging cables.

desktop organizer

3d-print-office-desk organizer

For general organization of various items (like pens, paper clips, flash drives, etc.), consider printouts from these desktop organizers. It adapts in many ways and doesn’t look half bad.

It’s slightly larger than most 3D printers we’ve mentioned up to this point, so make sure your printer is big enough to handle it before moving forward.

Case for business cards

3d printing office business card holder

If you need an organized way to transfer business cards business cards business cards for distribution or just tired of manipulating all the business cards you’ve collected while you’re online, this print case might be perfect for you.

Magnetic case for Raspberry Pi 2

3d printing office-raspberry-pi-case

Although there are some limitations for Raspberry Pi 2 it’s still a great device to tinker with and there are many interesting projects what you can take on. But you’ll need a case first, and it doesn’t get much easier than this one.

The concept for this case uses magnets — not screws or fasteners — to keep it closed. Easy to open, easy to close and easy on the eyes. It might not be the prettiest Raspberry Pi case but it certainly does the job.

Simple Arduino Case

3d printing office-arduino-case

If you’re more of an Arduino than a Raspberry Pi person, you still need a good case to keep it safe. It’s not very pretty, but it’s simple to assemble and work well enough — perfect if your project uses a standard Uno board (building your own Arduino is also an option).

Arduino can benefit any office workspace, as evidenced by these projects If you are working from home, these Arduino Home Automation Ideas Ideas might also come in handy.

What else can you print?

Sites like 3DShare, Thingiverse, and Yeggi are great for finding and sharing 3D printer drawings and concepts. Take a look for yourself and see if you can come across some other great ideas to improve your office.

Are you going to print any of them? If you find something amazing that wasn’t here, please share with us in the comments below! We would like to hear from you.

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