3D printing a long time ago, but to many people it still feels like something out of the Jetsons. However, given the expected growth of the 3D printing market in the coming years, don’t be surprised to see even more pieces created with 3D printers.

The ability to design and manufacture or use someone else’s design to create your products is good for your wallet and for the planet. Instead of buying from a store or shipping all over the country, you can solve many everyday problems from the comfort of your couch.

For now, if you don’t have a 3D printer for , you can pay to get 3d printed for you. Or maybe just enjoy the many ideas pouring from every corner of the internet.

Learn how to solve nine of life’s annoying «problems» with a simple 3D printing wizard.

Bicycle carrying handle

screenshot of a bicycle handle

As a regular cyclist, you’ve had to carry your bike up and down stairs more times than you care to remember. Whether it’s the normal routine of getting in and out of the house, or the occasional haul on public transport, most bikes are heavy and awkward to carry.

This 3D printed bike handle will ease your struggle and make carrying your bike a breeze. Since your bike is easier to take with you, you are less likely to leave it outside and risk it being stolen. You can download the model to make it yourself, or pay $38.99, to choose a color and print it for you.

Travel Hook

road hook screenshot

Have you ever put your umbrella somewhere and then forgot it? Or did you have to put your bag on the dirty floor because there was nowhere to hang it?

The Bstrong Travel Hook solves these common dilemmas on the go. Made from polyamide, it’s light enough to carry in your bag yet strong enough to hold up to 25 pounds of gear.

You can use it at work, in a restaurant, anywhere you need to hang your bag, jacket or anything else you wear.

You can make your own crochet at home or pay $24.68, to have Bstrong print it out for you.


key holder screenshot

How much time do you spend looking for keys every day?

This small organizer has room for 3 hooks and will blend discreetly into your home. Hang it on a door for easy access or hide it in a closet. It can also be useful for hanging earplugs and other small everyday items that are easy to lose.

You can download the model for free and print it at home or use a 3D printing service.

Light switch labels

screenshot of light switch label

Today’s switches have 2, 3, or even 4 light switches, and it’s not always easy to remember what goes with what. Whether you’re always confusing street lighting with living room lighting or fumbling to light up stairs in the dark, these switch tags will brighten up your life. Current options include «Staircase, Dining Room» and «Family, Dining Room». If you really want to get crafty, you can change the plan to choose your own words.

Download the project for free from MakerBot Thingiverse.

Spaghetti Meter

spaghetti meter screenshot

Take the guesswork out of cooking dinner. When you’re cooking for one or even two, you know you won’t need an entire box of spaghetti. But it’s hard to say how much is enough and how many servings are left in the box.

This spaghetti meter will tell you how much pasta to cook for up to 4 servings, although it only works with long pastas like spaghetti and linguine. You will dine on the table a little faster and spend less food.

The meter is made of acrylic glass and costs 13 dollars .

bag holder

bag holder screenshot

It’s hard to carry multiple grocery bags out of the car, especially if you’re one of those people who always takes the «I can get it all in one go» approach. This simple bag holder makes it easy to carry up to 3 bags in one hand. The picture shows plastic shopping bags, but it can also work with reusable bags.

You can download the bag holder plan for free and make your own at home.

Desk Organizer

table organizer screenshot

Do you have trouble keeping surfaces clean and tidy?

If your desk and desks always seem crammed with papers, spare clothes and gadgets, keep them organized with Green Mountain Desk Organizer. With different sized dividers modeled after the mountains of Vermont, this piece can become art and look more elegant than anything you can buy from Staples. There’s space for books or papers, smartphones and tablets, as well as writing utensils, change, and other small items you have.

Organizer Green Mountain is made of white plastic. You can download the model for free or print it for $166.85 .

iPhone Acoustic Amplifier

music amplifier screenshot

If you’re listening to music, podcasts, and other media on your phone while you’re cooking dinner, cleaning, or doing other housework, limiting the volume can be frustrating. Now there is a way to amplify the sound without buying speakers and turning into a red cup solo.

Download the iPhone Acoustic Amplifier STL model file for free and enhance your listening experience today.


bottle opener screenshot

Have you ever been to a beer party that you can’t open because the bottle opener is missing? Or buy old-fashioned glass bottle soda, only to realize you can’t drink it because your car doesn’t have an opener?

Solve these common problems by printing several of these nickel bottle openers and keeping them in your bag, in your house, in your car, anywhere you might need to open a cold drink.

Download the model for free and print your own bottle opener at home.

Simple solutions to life’s nasty little problems

Why buy a gadget to fix life’s little annoyances when you can design and build it yourself? Explore your creativity and make your life a little easier with 3D printing. New hacks. or order them through a 3D printing service like Shapeways, You3Dit or MakeXYZ. There are many others.

Trust that the 3D printing revolution is happening when you’re not looking. Lisa Haruni’s TED Talk is a 3D primer on one of the most disruptive innovations of this century.

It shouldn’t end there. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can even take it to the next level with extra touches like electroplating your creation, which gives all kinds of 3D printed products an aesthetically pleasing touch. The bottom line is that only your imagination is the limit for 3D printing.

Have you thought about 3D printing? What’s the one annoying little problem you have in the office or at home that you think can be solved with a clever idea? Write to us in the comments!

Image Credits: whiteMocca 3d printer via Shutterstock

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