The Raspberry Pi is a great device. As a single-board System-on-a-Chip (SoC) device, the Raspberry Pi is great for a wide range of applications. Projects range from media center and retro game apps to make a smart home (do it yourself). But Raspberry Pi programming offers a lot of learning opportunities.

Because many Raspberry Pi operating systems (OS) include development tools, it’s a good choice for learning how to program. However, you can also program your Raspberry Pi for various projects. Check out the top 10 Pi programming resources to use your Raspberry Pi.

Best Pi Programming Resources

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Raspberry Pi programming resources run the gamut. Even setting up your Raspberry Pi makes it possible to learn basic shell commands. But The Raspberry Pi is much more than just a kick. The Raspberry Pi is an amazing piece of hardware with many hardware and software integrations. What’s more, programming the Pi leads to rewarding projects. From books to websites to videos, check out the best Pi programming resources.

1. DZone IoT applications with Java and Raspberry Pi


DZone is a trusted website and community for developers and technicians. While there is a wealth of material on the site every day, its guides and reference cards provide an opportunity to delve into specific topics. Stephen Chin, Lead Java Community Manager at Oracle, provides a hefty introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) applications using Java and the Raspberry Pi.

Chin’s referral delves into Java programming. However, it is still suitable for beginners. This reference card covers everything from setup to Java programming to testing I/O library LEDs. Thus, DZone IoT applications with Java and Raspberry Pi refcard give a complete overview of the software and hardware. The IoT DZone section features a fresh stream of content that sometimes focuses on the Raspberry Pi, like this snippet, playing with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMcu, and MQTT.


RPi-ORG remains one of the best Raspberry Pi resources available. His blog offers many projects from the community. Plus, the education section is pure Pi programming gold. You’ll find tons of free resources for learning, creating, and learning. Topics covered include using pip on Windows to get into Git and even getting started with Minecraft Pi. Minecraft comes standard with the Raspbian Linux operating system for the Raspberry Pi. Although Minecraft is a game, it is one of the best coding apps out there. available.

3. Raspberry Pi Programming: Getting Started with Python


While tons of Raspberry Pi programming material is within the push of a button, the books are also focused on Pi programming. Programming Simon Monk Raspberry Pi: Getting started with Python, focuses on teaching games and programming. They are designed for the Pi and concentrate on the Python programming language.

Python is the best programming language for beginners. and one of the most versatile web programming languages. The Monk’s Guide to Python Programming for the Pi covers the basics of the Python language, lists, dictionaries, and strings, as well as classes and modules. There is a section dedicated to game programming and hardware interface. Raspberry Pi Programming: Getting Started with Python is the best book available for Pi programming with Python.

4. Adafruit Learn

Adafruit to learn

Adafruit offers many accessories for boards like Pi and Arduino. However, its learning section provides great tutorials on how to develop the Raspberry Pi. You will find tutorials and guides for Windows IoT core. In addition, Adafruit provides reviews for building gadgets such as the portable laptop.

Because of the variety of projects, Adafruit’s learning resources rank among the best Pi programming materials. In addition, these guides remain free. Many stick to an intuitive image format that makes it easy to follow guides.

5. Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi Programming for Beginners Including Raspberry Pi Projects, Tips, Tricks and More


Craig Newport is the author of this excellent book on the goodies of Raspberry Pi programming. Covering everything from projects to general pointers, this is the premier Raspberry Pi programming resource for beginners. Since hardware and software are inextricably linked, Newport’s book begins with an overview of the hardware and what Pi is.

But it’s only 64 pages. Like many programming bootcamps, don’t expect Newport’s book to turn you into a programmer or teach you everything you need to know. This is best suited for beginners as a teaser into the world of Pi programming. Rather than a comprehensive guide, this is the start to your Pi programming.

6. CoderDojo Kata


For fantastic learning resources, check out CoderDojo. Its Raspberry Pi content is extensive and helpful. CoderDojo contains both internal and external Pi assets. You will find nifty instructions for creating a streaming webcam [PDF] with Pi and Python. There is a great section on setting up a Pi-based Apache web server. However, you’ll also find entry-level parts like setting up the Pi. This real treasure trove of Raspberry Pi programming dominates.

7 Raspberry Pi Geek


Raspberry Pi Geek is a collection of software materials for the Pi. In the June 2017 issue, you’ll find articles on running the Pi in 64-bit mode. In addition, Raspberry Pi Geek includes tutorials such as building a tram with the Pi and Lego Mindstorms.

Due to multiple sections, Raspberry Pi Geek is the best choice for Raspberry Pi programming. It has a magazine section and a fantastic How To Corner.

8. YouTube

Raspberry Pi IV Beginners is one of the best Raspberry Pi programming resources on YouTube. TechErudio also boasts a solid library. Geek Gurl Diaries also offers many great videos on Pi programming and general programming. Because the content is in video format, YouTube Pi programming resources are ideal for visual effects students.


If you are reading this article, chances are you also appreciate Raspberry programming. So why not take a look at a small selection of Raspberry Pi programming resources right here at ? While programming may seem intimidating, many entry-level projects to get started for beginners is quite simple.

What’s more, Raspberry Pi software resources allow you to create amazing gadgets. For example, Raspberry Pi devices are ideal for home automation projects. . Creating a Homemade iBeacon is a great tool for learning basic shell commands. Still not convinced to catch a Raspberry Pi? These seven reasons such as versatility and entertainment value make the Pi the best choice.

Goodbye Pi Programming

While these are the best resources for Pi programming, there are seemingly unlimited books, websites, and more focus on Raspberry Pi programming. Which resources you choose depends on your intentions. While most of these resources are extensive, some sites offer programming tutorials for beginners, while others focus on increasingly advanced topics.

What Pi programming resources do you recommend?

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