The world of DIY technology is filled with weird and wacky ideas with different motives. From Practical Arduino Home Automation Projects to make a Raspberry Pi powered by Halloween scares it seems that not many electronics lovers can not do.

From time to time, however, we find ourselves thinking, «We can see how you did it but we don’t know why you did it!»

This article takes a look at some of the weirdest and worst projects we’ve seen in the DIY electronics scene. when we speak worse we don’t mean bad as such. There is nothing wrong with any of these designs, and the design of all of them is ingenious. They just make up some of our favorite examples of a certain mentality: «I can do it, but should I do it?»

1. Arduino Calculator

Starting with something relatively simple, the Instructables user Kale_3d created impressive design for this full featured calculator.

weird worst DIY projects

This design is impressive, complex and aesthetic. It’s also a calculator. Oh yes, but surely it has additional features that can quickly calculate the trajectory of all potential alien spacecraft in our galaxy? No, it’s just a calculator.

How indicates Kale_3d in the introductory paragraph of this tutorial allowances, a $2 calculator will probably do everything this build can. This project is a great example of great engineering and a great learning experience. In terms of practicality, size and ease of use? This definitely raises a few questions, and they are all “Why?”

If you are looking for a similar but slightly more practical Arduino project, why not create a stylish digital D20 and ride in style?

2. The sigh collector

Stress is a huge problem in today’s world. Millions are spent in the health industry each year to help fight the roots of anxiety and stop the symptoms of stress before they begin. User Instructables mkontopo decided to take things into his own hands by creating a breath detector on his chest…

Wait. Which?

weird worst DIY projects

This machine uses an air bubble with fleshy appearance installed inside a free-standing wooden box. Over time, it fills up with an air pump, giving a visual indication of the number of breaths the user takes. Combined with a breathing chest strap that detects sighs and sends the appropriate signal to inflate the bladder even more.

This complex beautiful machine measures your breaths .

This might be the most impressively complex build we’ve ever seen, compared to the task it sets out to accomplish. Many projects combine brutal practicality with a lack of aesthetics in search of useful real world applications. This project is the perfect opposite of that approach. The assembly was created by Michael Kontopoulos as part of the «Measures of Discontent» series at UCLA.

3. Subscriber torture alarm

Being a YouTuber can be a lonely life. All day long you create amazing cat related content in the hope that enough people will subscribe enough. How do you deal with that feeling of being cut off from the millions of potential fans that flock to your digital door?

YouTuber Michael Reeves came up with a «solution» to this problem. Or maybe «the bigger problem is to solve this problem» more accurately.

As you can see in the video above, Michael didn’t choose a blinking LED or a nice ringtone for new subscribers to his channel. Instead, he chose the nuclear option by connecting a 102 dB piezo buzzer to a relay board that also flashes the room’s ceiling lights 10 times in a row. When recovering from this potential heart attack device, the connected loudspeaker reads out the name of the most recent caller. At least he will know who is to blame for the stress disorder!

By any chance, have you ever read this Michael: well done. Also the phone notifies. Just advice.

4. Le Myope

Are you tired of taking terrible photos? Do you return home after a full day to find that your photos of this beautiful hedgerow are just a blurry mess? Don’t be afraid! Le myope (also known as the myopic camera) can help you.

As the above video shows, this Raspberry Pi-powered handheld camera will take a picture normally before discarding it in favor of a similar image from Google. This will save you from having to take good pictures again. Did your uncle ruin all your beautiful photos of Mallorca? No more!

Once again, this project errs on the side of beautifully crafted, technologically sound, and nearly useless. We love it.

If you want to start making your own inventions using the Raspberry Pi, our guide to getting started with this is the place to start!

5. The Completely Impractical Case of Pi

Raspberry Pi cases come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. but the crown for the worst case of all time must get User Instructions cat_astrophic with his deed Actual Pie Raspberry Pi.

weird worst DIY projects

It brings together everything that no one needs in a hardware case. It is fragile, difficult to transport, impractical and downright fantastic. Just don’t make the same mistake as MicB in the comments, and leave your Pi in the pie while it bakes!

weird worst DIY projects

6. Bonus P Case

This one uses a bit of lateral thinking. Reddit user Derf_Jagged created an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional case from an old game cartridge. What makes this case the worst is the fact that it is in a cartridge for ET: Extra Terrestrial on the Atari 2600, widely considered to be the worst game ever made.

weird worst DIY projects

7. Multi-directional automatic flamethrower

I think the name of this project speaks for itself. There are ideas that we all have in the middle of the night. The ideas we come up with before shaking our heads and telling ourselves what was I thinking?

Then there are people like ercost60 who accept these ideas and embody them into life. This four-way programmable flamethrower is a perfect example of a terrible idea done well.

I think it goes without saying that you don’t have to try this at home . This over-thought-out approach to the spray can flamethrower can go surprisingly wrong in so many ways that no one should even attempt it.

Even if it’s so great — what is it — it’s also a terrible idea. Worst Idea

Luckily, there are no instructions for this design other than a note in the video description that it was not created using an Arduino. As if the original design wasn’t crazy enough, a programmable flamethrower was combined with plastic gourds and a 20,000-volt Jacob’s ladder to create potentially the most dangerous DIY Halloween tech construction we’ve ever seen.

If you want to make your own DIY Halloween decoration, we recommend trying something a little less likely to kill you. !


There are many great projects to help you get started with DIY technology. From basic about more complex IoT projects and automatic blocking schemes

We would suggest taking one of them and leaving the weirdest and worst designs to someone else.

Are you cooking something weird in your workshop? Have you created something surprisingly useless? Let us know in the comments below!

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