I’m sure you’ve already heard of the Raspberry Pi. If not, then you are in for a treat. It’s a tiny little computer, very cheap and incredibly customizable. Here at , along with most of the fascinating places on the internet, we fell in love with the Raspberry Pi. Many of us have one or more and have come up with some fantastic ways to use them for play or work.

If you’re thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi yourself, we can obviously help convince you. Maybe there are a few things you didn’t realize it could do, or maybe you don’t yet realize how easy it is to work with. In any case, here is a list of reasons that should help you part with that tiny amount of money and get one of the best gadgets designed in recent history.

1. It’s cheap!

Yes, I said it was a tiny amount of money. You’re looking for a maximum of $35 (and postage/taxes) for what is essentially a tiny computer without a case. When it comes to hitting, it will be hard for you to do better. Model A has 256MB of RAM, one USB port, and no Ethernet. Model B has 512 MB of RAM, 2 USB ports and an Ethernet port. Check the FAQ for more specifications.

geta raspberry pi

2. It’s tiny

The Raspberry Pi is slightly larger than a credit card at 85.60 x 56mm x 21mm, plus a small ledge for an SD card and connectors that stick out above the edge. Weighs only 45 g.

geta raspberry pi

3. Pi can run various operating systems

Seriously, you can install Linux on this little computer and use it however you want. Android is now also officially supported, and there are rumors that it can run Windows 8, but apparently it’s too slow to be worth a try.

4. Raspberry Pi is really versatile

The following items are the two most popular uses for the Raspberry Pi: media center and game machine. However, it was actually built with education in mind, to teach students how to code. Many people use Python to code the Pi, but there are many more languages ​​you can use.

For wider use, this article shows how you can use your Raspberry Pi as an arcade machine, computer, internet radio system, security system, or media center:

  • Top 5 Amazing Uses for Your Raspberry Pi Computer

5. Play videos and view photos with the Pi

It can support 1080p videos, which is quite decent when you are watching mpg movies or viewing photos. It’s almost as easy as plugging in a USB stick of your favorite media and watching. RaspBMC is a recommended software that even supports Airplay. If you need more information on customization, check out the following articles:

  • How to turn your Raspberry Pi into a home theater system
  • Entertainment on the cheap: the most affordable ways

6. You can overclock it

Overclocking your Raspberry Pi is very easy, so check out the guide we’ve written and get started:

  • Not enough juice? Shrink your Raspberry Pi by overclocking

7. You can play games

There is a growing community of gamers who want to play games MAME and SCUMMVM on the Raspberry Pi, but just as many use educational games for kids from software packages like GCompris.

Get Your Raspberry Pi

Ready to hack a bank account now? So I thought. Get your Raspberry Pi and peripherals from any of these stores:

  • Premier Farnell / Element14
  • RS components

Also, you might want to know how to get started, join the community, and how to build yourself a cool example for your new Pi:

What was your biggest reason for getting a Raspberry Pi? What are you using it now?

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