Perhaps you have an old set of speakers in some corner. Brush them off, it’s time to breathe new life into those trusty woofers. Whether they still work or not, the perfect weekend DIY project awaits you.

It’s not just about those giant old wood-encased analog speakers that are really great — but all kinds of speakers can be used. You can rearrange car speakers into a dynamic living room, or turn a set of computer speakers into internet radio.

All you need is a little time on your hands, the ability to follow directions, and some elbow grease.

If the speakers are still working

It makes no sense to throw away a perfectly working gadget. Unless, of course, this gadget is a Microsoft Zune.

diy speakers still work

As long as speakers can produce reliable sound, you should use them for that. The creative approach lies in finding out the source of the sound.

1. Turn old desktop speakers into a loud charging station

You are not alone. None of us use this set of desktop speakers we got with our last computer. Until you see this little transformation, this could be the perfect DIY project for beginners.

diy plastic charging column

It’s simple and doesn’t require soldering. All you need is a screwdriver, box opener or scissors, and duct tape. The first step is to open and disassemble the speakers. It’s easier than it sounds, since you only need to save the transformer, amplifier and drivers. Place the components in a large plastic box and cut some strategic wire holes as shown.

You will need to create a homemade grill from the lid of the box. The phone sits on top and you’re ready to go.

2. Make internet radio

Remember the good old days when you tuned into the radio for your favorite songs? Yes, I am too. But I can see the charm of it, especially the radio station playing in the background as you walk into your day. Don’t create playlists, don’t choose the next song — it kicks out one after the other.

do it yourself internet radio speakers

You’ll need a pair of functional desktop speakers and our favorite Raspberry Pi computer-on-a-chip. And if you want to do some woodwork, you can create the Kickass system you see above.

Amateur enthusiast Bob Rathbone’s guide to setting up a Raspberry Pi internet radio is great and I recommend you follow it. But there are others available online, including our own guide to converting an old amplifier into smart streaming speakers. old amplifier in intelligent streaming

3. Turn your car speakers into a boombox

If you’re not an audiophile, the best speakers are in your car. Automakers use good speaker hardware, especially for drivers. You might want to salvage this before you sell your old car.

diy stereo speakers

Keep in mind that this is one of the most ambitious projects. It’s not just plug and play, you need to work on it. Car speakers require a power converter, so learn how to make one.

You also need to add an amplifier to the system if you don’t already have one. Finally, car speakers aren’t always great, so it’s another investment in time or money.

All together, it’s probably easier to buy a new set of home audio speakers. But my God, where’s the fun in that?

4. Lethargic Option: Add a Chromecast

For lazy, lazy, lily-dwelling bazookas who don’t want to do anything on their own, the easiest option is to add a Chromecast. The Chromecast audio dongle makes any speakers wireless, so you can use them to listen to tunes.

diy speakers chromecast audio

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it just works. But it’s not the same as Bluetooth audio. You still need to know which apps Chromecast Audio works with So if that sounds like a hassle, you can add Bluetooth dongles instead.

If the speakers don’t work

Now let’s say your columns don’t work anymore. This is when we get a lot more pleasure. Avengers, check it out!

FixitClub has basic instructions for safely disassembling speakers, but you can search the web for your specific model. Careful disassembly also yields good reusable materials such as large magnets attached to the drivers. They are even better than what you get when you take apart an old hard drive. take apart take apart

5. Use grills as earring holders.

The grilles on the front of the speakers are perfect for use as earring holders. Ideally, take them apart to get a complete grill. If you cut them, be careful, you must avoid jagged edges.

diy column grill

Hang the grills on the wall or throw them in a drawer. Remember: the bars are metal, so you can spray them to match any color you want.

6. Speakers make great bookshelves and wood furniture

Wooden boxes of old speakers are the most reusable parts. You can turn them into just about anything, from bookshelves to tables.

do it yourself speaker desk

For an aspiring woodworker, setting up a bookshelf will be the place to start. Hollow it out, sand it down, polish it up and you have a beautiful new piece of furniture. If you have a set of two speakers, you might want to consider turning them into nightstands or even a chest of drawers.

For advanced woodworkers, try this stunning project to transform a set of speakers into an incredible table. This is not for beginners, you need to work on a wood related project before

7. The coolest media room in the world

Contest is over guys. GoodRubbish became the winner of the title of the coolest media cabinet. You can’t do better than this:

diy speaker media cabinet

Can you imagine how amazing it will look in your amazing home theater setup ? Not only that, there is a complete guide on how to do it yourself.

This project requires serious woodworking. So much so that disassembling the speakers is the easiest part. You won’t be using any disassembled parts, so you can still use those magnets or grills.

What did you do with the old speakers?

At this point in your life, I’m guessing you’ve gone through at least three sets of old speakers, possibly more.

What did you do with them when you bought a new one? Have you thrown the old ones away, reused them for some other gadget, or tried to turn them into a creative DIY project? Tell us about them in the comments.

And if you need a new set of speakers, check out these inexpensive Bluetooth speakers

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