The concept of television, where viewers had to plan their lives at certain times, comes out of this situation. Watching TV on streaming services is where it’s at, and there’s no reason why you should stop drinking just because it’s time to jump in the car.

The rise of streaming TV and mobile TV in cars

Although the number of viewers of traditional television sources is falling, the number of online viewers is growing.

Actually, 9th edition of the Deloitte Digital Democracy Review, found that while cable and satellite TV subscriptions remain the favorite method of watching TV for Gen Xers, baby boomers and seniors, younger people have switched almost entirely to streaming sources.

Whether we’re watching on the air, on the Internet, or anywhere else, the fact is that we’re watching. In recent years, TV viewers have even turned to mobile devices, and Netflix has shown that watching drunk is the new normal.

Of course, all these trends easily carry over from the living room to the road, where you can choose from any number of different ways to watch live, time-shifted, or even recorded TV content. Here are six of the best ways watch TV in your car :

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Два девчонки смотрят на диски, DVD или Blu-Ray в машине

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It may seem like low hanging fruit, but physical media like DVDs and Blu-Rays are still the easiest way to play your favorite TV shows on the go.

Although studies have shown that TV viewers strongly prefer to rent content rather than buy physical media there’s something to be said for the convenience of grabbing a DVD or Blu-ray box while leaving the house. If you’re feeling particularly hardworking, you can even slip your child’s favorite series into a low-profile disk wallet and leave it in the car.

While watching DVD or Blu-ray TV is not live, and requires you to carry media around with you like some caveman, car dvd players are very easy to find these days . Or, if you don’t feel like buying new hardware, you can always plug an old laptop into a wall display and call it good.

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local television

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If live TV is more your style, you can actually watch local TV in your car. It’s more than just burning a DVD and calling it good and you’ll have to contend with interference from buildings and other vehicles, but it’s all part of the adventure.

To watch live TV in your car, you need three things: an HD TV antenna capable of connecting local stations, a display, and a tuner.

The display and tuner are simple if you can find a 12V TV that suits your needs, but the antenna can be a problem. To get the best results, you will need to install it on the outside of your vehicle, which is not for the faint of heart.

While suction HDTV car antennas do exist, you’ll probably have to do some digging to find them. You’ll probably get better results from a high quality antenna that’s technically designed for use on wheels, but driving around with something like this on your roof can get funny looks from your fellow motorists.

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Satellite television

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Unlike local broadcast television, but very similar to satellite radio you need a special mobile satellite dish and a subscription if you want to watch satellite TV in your car.

The main downside is that you won’t be able to get a signal if you’re surrounded by a lot of tall buildings, but on the other hand, you’re unlikely to experience service outages if you go on a long journey. where local broadcast television may not be available.

Satellite dishes intended for use on vehicles are usually designed for SUVs, but thinner, flatter designs have come to market. It still might not be what you want on your roof, but it’s an option.

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Streaming DVR

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Miracles of the Cloud DVR means you can watch your time-shifted shows on the go. The main issue is bandwidth, as you will need a mobile data connection for this to work.

Before you head out and start streaming, you need to do a little research on how your cloud DVR interacts with your data plan. Some providers treat different types of data differently, so you may or may not be in the clear.

Another option is to take your physical DVR and take it with you. This includes hooking up to an inverter and using your DVR in the car just like you would at home, so you need to make sure it will actually work without being plugged into a cable before you hit the road.

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Stream Live Television

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If you have cable TV at home, or even an antenna, you can stream live TV from that source to any Internet-connected device. This means you can stream live TV from your home to your car if you have the right equipment.

Slingbox is one of the options that allows you to broadcast live TV from your home to your car provided you have a mobile internet connection. This includes two main components: a Slingbox connected to your home cable or satellite connection and a mobile internet connection. such as mobile hotspot or linked smartphone.

Plex is another option you can use to stream TV on the go. This requires a cable subscription or antenna, a computer with an HDTV tuner card, and Plex Pass Subscription . You can also use the same setup to stream movies and music from your home computer to your car.

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Video streaming services

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Streaming services are also dependent on a mobile internet connection, and they can be fed directly through your data plan but they also provide the largest amount of content. Services such as Netflix , Amazon Prime and Hulu offer the best ways to see your favorite shows on a long drive.

Some streaming services even let you download multiple episodes to your mobile device, so you can watch them on the go even if you lose your internet connection.

Other streaming services such as YouTube TV and Sling TV allow you to watch a live broadcast via a data connection. These services can also use a lot of data, but they are a way to watch live TV without attaching a giant antenna to your roof.

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