If you haven’t experienced the joys of 3D printing, you’re missing out. The fact that you can turn almost any reasonably sized 3D model into a real object amazing and perfect for the Christmas season — both as a decoration and as a gift.

Not quite sure what 3D printing is? Our quick overview of 3D printing is a good way to get started without going into too much detail, but you can also check out our full 3D printing guide for everything you need to know about it.

Here are some of the best 3D printing ideas for Christmas decorations and gifts this season. Don’t have your own 3D printer? Excellent! You can still participate by using the online 3D printing on demand service ! It’s cheaper than buying a 3D printer, that’s for sure.

1. Miniature Christmas tree

3D printed Christmas tree

If you just don’t have the time, money, energy, or space for a real Christmas tree, this miniature christmas tree — great idea for 3D printing. It fits perfectly with office desk, dorm desk, entryway, coffee table, nightstand and more.

2. Spinning Christmas Star

3D printed spinning Christmas star

it rotating decoration christmas star can be mounted on top of a Christmas tree or hung from its branches. Its three concentric stars spin independently, making for an interesting sight and a great conversation starter if you’re partying.

3. Santa ornament

3D printing Santa ornament

Ornament Santa may not be original, but sometimes traditional trump cards are original. This soft and welcoming decoration fits into any Christmas tree and can be decorated with colored thread printing or texture painting.

4. Rudolf Ornament

3D print Rudolf ornament

This Rudolf ornament almost identical to the Santa Claus ornament above, except that reindeer are depicted instead of Santa Claus. They complement each other well and you should definitely have both of them on your tree.

5. Christmas decorations with holes

3D printed Christmas decorations

If you’re more into generic decorations that you can mass print and throw all over the tree, consider these. Christmas decorations with holes . They strike the perfect balance between traditional and unconventional: a normal ball shape with an unusual pattern!

6. Snowflake Decoration

3D printed snowflake

The last Christmas decoration 3D printing idea on this list is simple, traditional and mass production. snowflakes . They are so adorable that you don’t have to tie them to your tree. Hang them around your house for a real winter feel!

7. Sleigh and reindeer decoration

3D sleigh and reindeer

For something subtle but atmospheric, place one of these sleigh and reindeer decorations to every room in your home. It is thin and light enough to sit on any wall, or you can use double-sided adhesive tape, or simply mount it on shelves, counters, tables, etc.

8. Figurines of deer

3D printed deer figurines

These deer figurines offer a little more dazzle and sizzle than the silhouettes above, and they’re noticeably more three-dimensional, making them the best option for coffee tables, dining tables, nightstands, and anywhere else you want to spice things up. To get that shiny look, color it with glitter paint!

9. Composite Christmas figurines

3D printed Christmas figurines

Want to tap into the cute side of the holiday season? These curly christmas figurines — a great idea for 3D printing, as a home decoration or toys for young children (but not too much small ones because they can suffocate). Once printed, have fun drawing them!

10. Christmas cookies

3D Printed Christmas Cookies

These Christmas cookie cutters there is a pleasing aesthetic quality that makes them suitable as ornaments. Leave them on or hang them up to add a festive touch to your home. And if you’re baking, use them to cut cookie dough into matching shapes!

11. Spiral chess

3D Printed Spiral Chess

For the chess lovers in your life this spiral chess set can be a great everyday set for casual play. It can become a decorative piece and a conversation starter if they choose to leave it on a table or desk. High quality print for maximum effect.

12. Puzzle Chessboard

Puzzle with 3D printed chessboard

This one is beautiful puzzle chess board goes well with the spiral chess pieces above, but also works well with any other chess piece design. It is subtle and pleasant, but attractive at the same time. Feel free to print in whatever light or dark colors you prefer.

13. Trinity pendant

Pendant "Trinity knot" with 3D print

The trinity knot (also called the triquetra) represents the three basic promises of any lasting relationship: love, honor, and protection. You can gift this to anyone with whom you have a strong and lasting connection, be it romantic or platonic.

14. Coral candle

coral candle

The Christmas season is the perfect time to light scented candles, and what better way to take it to the next level than with coral candle shade ? The design casts an incredibly atmospheric shadow that looks great anywhere and fits in well even after the holiday season is over.

15. Bedlam cube puzzle

Puzzle with 3D printing

Riddles always make for great gifts, especially for younger children whose brains are still developing. This puzzle With bedlam cube contains 13 unique geometric shapes that can be combined in over 19,000 ways to form the perfect cube. However, it is not so easy to decide!

16. 12-Shot rubber strap

3D printed rubber band gun

For a child or teen who loves guns, you may prefer to give them a gun with a rubber band instead of an airsoft gun or paintball gun. It’s safer, cheaper, and a great way to use any random rubber bands you may be sitting around doing. (Note: At the time of this writing, this project has been marked as a work in progress, so it may change and improve over the next few months).

17. Indoor Boomerang

These lungs covered boomerangs great for all ages, providing an alternative way to expend pent-up energy than using a spinning jig, spinning knobs, or whatever. It flies in a 1 meter radius and it is very light so it does no damage on impact.

18. USB cable holder

3D cable to usb cable

For the techie in your life who has way too many USB cables and devices, this USB cable holder is a practical gift option that will help organize their lives. You can stack them next to each other, and it comes in four USB options: regular, mini, micro, and Apple.

19. Nintendo Switch Cartridge

3D Printed Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case

If you have a friend who is obsessed with their Nintendo Switch, you you can surprise him with one of these amazing game games But what if you don’t have the money, or what if they prefer to buy their own games? You can print them in Nintendo Switch Case, to store all their games and stay organized!

20. Christmas gift boxes

3D printed Christmas gift boxes

Last but not least, if you’re planning on making a small to medium gift and want to wrap it in something a little more unique than wrapping paper or a gift bag, try one of these. christmas gift boxes . Best of all, you can scale them to any size you want, and you can print each component in any color you want, resulting in endless customization flexibility.

More fun 3D printing ideas

In addition to all of the above, we have a bunch of non-Christmas 3D printing ideas for you to check out. After all, just because it’s Christmas season doesn’t mean what all should be a gift, candy or tree decoration!

Some cool ideas include these 3D printed props Star Wars these 3D printed games to play at home. and these 3D printed tabletop RPG minigames

Or you can take the more practical route and opt for useful ideas for ways to organize your workspace with 3D printing. or fun ideas for taking your dorm room to the next level with 3D printers.

What are you going to 3D print this Christmas? Any cool ideas we missed? Share with us in the comments and have a great vacation!

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