By using Google Assistant device Google Home can entertain, answer questions and make life easier by controlling many smart home devices. Let’s take a look at some cool Google Home tricks you can use.

The following applies to smart speakers Google Home , Google Home Hub Google Nest and individual third-party speakers and smart displays with Google Home support .

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Use Google Home as a Bluetooth Speaker or Bluetooth Source

Google Home - Notebook - YouTube

Google Home smart speakers and hubs can receive straight access to multiple services music streaming but can also act as Bluetooth speakers for additional services streamed from a smartphone or PC.

Google home can also be a source to send music to an external Bluetooth speaker or headphones (there may be exceptions — Lenovo Smart Displays Home with Google Home support can act as a Bluetooth speaker, but cannot send audio to other Bluetooth speakers or headphones).

Although Google Home smart speakers do not have a screen to watch videos, you can use Bluetooth for listening YouTube or other streaming audio when watching videos on a smartphone or PC.

Google Home can also work with Sonos wireless speakers .

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Use Google Home as a calculator

Lenovo Google Smart Display - Calculator

The calculator is easy to use on a PC or smartphone. However, if you’re not nearby and need a quick calculation, just ask Google Home to do it.

You can ask him to add, subtract, multiply, calculate and calculate percentages and get the answer with voice response. On a Google Nest/Home Hub or other compatible smart display, you’ll get a visual display of the response.

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Set music alarm

Lenovo Google Smart Display - Music Alarms

Google Home has multiple alarm functions but one that you may not notice is the awakening of your favorite music or news. You can set a musical alarm for one occasion or specific days, or for every day of the week. You can set a separate music alarm for each day for a different news or music service, playlist or artist, depending on the services you subscribe to.

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Use Google Translate and Translator Mode

Lenovo Google Smart Display - translator mode

The Google homepage provides several command languages, but you can also use Google Translate. Regardless of which command language you use to work with Google Home, you can also ask it to translate the word(s) for you into many other languages.

Another translation feature you can hook into is the interpreter mode. This enhances Google’s translation capabilities in conversations. Just say «OK, Google will be my (language) translator», «Help me speak (language)» or «Turn on translator mode» (Google will ask you what languages ​​you want to translate into). Say «OK Google, stop» when you want to return to normal.

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Make phone calls

Google Home Hub / Nest Smart Display Duo Video calls

You don’t have to reach for your landline or smartphone to make a call, ask Google Home to do it for you.

With audio calls, you can call anyone from your contact list or dial any phone number. If you have Google Nest/Home Hub you can use Google Duos for video calls.

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Find the wrong phone

Google Home - Find My Phone

Do you sometimes put your smartphone somewhere in the house and turn everything upside down to find it? Ask Google Home to find it .

There are two ways to do this:

  • Let Google Home dial your phone number.
  • If your phone is signed into your Google account and your Google home and phone are on the same network, you can just say «OK Google, find my phone».

When you find your phone, a phone number will be displayed in addition to the call. When you answer, an automatic voice will confirm that you have found your phone. Just stop the call as usual.

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Reminder to do something

Lenovo Google Smart Display - Reminder Example

Instead of writing lists of things you need to do, use Google Home to save those reminders For you. For example:

  • Time reminders . Tell Google Home to remind you of a meeting or event on a specific date and time.
  • Location Reminders . Tell Google Home to remind you to do something (shopping, work, activities) when you get to a certain place.
  • Recurring Reminders : set up reminders for every day or on specific days such as bill payments or laundry.
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Remember Information

Lenovo Google Smart Display - Remember

Have you forgotten an important phone number, lock pattern, password, keys, or where did you put an important document? Google Home can be used to remember things for you.

To get Google Home to remember something, say something like «Hey Google, remember my keys are in the kitchen drawer.» To get this information, say «Hey Google, where are my keys?»

If you want Google Home to stop remembering things, just say, «Hey Google, forget my keys are in the kitchen drawer.»

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culinary assistant

YouTube Smart Display Image

Google Home can be your assistant in cooking . Google Home speakers can find and read recipes, as well as guide you through the cooking process.

If you have a Google Nest/Home Hub or other compatible smart display, it can show you finished videos from YouTube and other sources. A Hub or Smart Display can provide a visual view of each ingredient with the subsequent cooking step. You can advance (or repeat) each step using your voice or by tapping on screen prompts.

You can also use voice commands to set one or more cooking timers on any Google Home device.

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View maps and get directions

Lenovo Smart Display - Maps

You can ask your Google Home smart speakers for directions to your destination, but because it doesn’t have a screen, it turns to your smartphone to view directions on Google Maps.

If you have a Google Nest/Home Hub or other compatible Smart Display, you can see a version of Google Map with directions on its screen. It’s a great reference before you start your journey, from where you can send maps and directions to your smartphone.

In addition to destination maps, Google Nest, Home Hub or Smart Display can also show maps of countries, states, cities, etc.

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Use Google Home as your intercom system

Google Home Broadcast
Lifewire / Michela Buttignolles

You can use Google Home as an intercom to broadcast messages throughout the home, although multiple Google Home devices are required.

To broadcast a message to multiple Google Homes, simply say «OK Google Broadcast». When Google Home responds, «What message is that?» Say your message (lunch time, bedtime, etc.) and Google Home will broadcast it Those who are close to the receiving Google Home message can also respond that they heard it.

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Use Google Home with your TV

Google Home with TV
Lifewire / Daniel Fishel

You can use Google Home with TV and there are several ways to do this:

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Use Google Home Routines

Google Home - Example of Routines

Instead of asking Google Home to do one task at a time, you can set up routines that will launch Google Home to complete a series of tasks with just one hint.

For example, if you say «OK Google, good morning,» you can play music or read the news, turn on the lights, and more.

Other types of routines can be done before bed, getting ready for school, or leaving the house. You can also create your own custom abbreviated phrase (aka user subroutine) for executing subroutines.

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Play games on Google Home

Lenovo Google Smart Display - Games

Google Home devices can’t play advanced games video games on PC, Playstation 4 or Xbox One but there are some funny ones family games to play .

Games include 20 Questions, Mad Libs, Mystery Sounds, Song Pop, Tic Tac Toe and more. To get started, you can say «OK» to Google «Play (game name)», «Entertain me», or «Let’s have some fun».

If you have a Google Nest/Hub or other Smart Display, some games have on-screen images or videos.

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Controlling Other Smart Home Devices

PetNet Smart Dog Feeder - Works with Google Home

With the PetNet Smart Feeder, you can use Google Home to manage your pet’s nutritional needs.

There is no doubt that Google Home Can control many other smart home devices such as lights, thermostats, door locks, some kitchen appliances, Chromecast, and TVs with Chromecast built-in. However, there are some devices that you may not be aware of, such as:

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