FROM the last Jedi almost upon us, we couldn’t be more excited. With so many cool Star Wars props.» and high tech Star Wars gadgets you can make with Arduino there is a lot to keep you busy now.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the cool crafts and projects » Star Wars, which fit under the wider DIY robe. From wood-cut spaceships to life-sized R2-D2 paper ships, from small houses to grandiose snow sculptures, there are projects here that will give anyone with a DIY itch some ideas!

1. Disco Death Star

Difficulty: easy

The original film star Wars was released when the disco was in full swing. What better way to combine the evil of the empire with the evil of the dance floor than with a Death Star disco ball?

DIY Project Star Wars Death Star

This tiny piece from the late 70s was built by Kat and Cam from our NERDhome blog using a styrofoam ball and some silver sequins. This cheap and relatively simple construction works great — and a little parental help cutting the foam makes it the perfect project to work with any young Jedi around the house.

This is just one of many projects and projects star wars, published on our NERDhome blog, so it’s worth checking out their other projects!

2Droid Bauble

Difficulty: easy

With the advent of Christmas on the heels of the release The Last Jedi addition star wars to your holiday decoration has never seemed like a better idea. We’ve already looked at ways to reuse and recycle items into seasonal decorations, and this project fits in well with that spirit. How about hanging your own droid bauble on a tree this year?

DIY star wars ornament

This build is the brainchild of Cesar Diaz from the bilingual blog Growing Up. The combination of a clear plastic or glass bauble with some cheap LED moon lights along with a little faux plastic snow forms the basis of this build and can make a great Christmas decoration on its own. It’s the addition of the C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 cutouts (for which the blog provides PDF templates) that gives this New Year’s Eve hack an advantage over the robot.

3. Windshield

Difficulty: medium

We’ve all thought about it: what better way to fight rain on your rear windshield than to vaporize it with a laser sword? It’s clear that Instructables user JokerDas embraced this all-too-common thought when designing the Wipesaber rear wiper!

This cool looking design is also practical as the light level doubles when you press the brake pedal. The design consists of a child’s lightsaber toy that has been modified to fit on the bottom of a windshield wiper and a self-adhesive red LED strip.

A complete written application guide walks you through the entire process of building the saber, as well as instructions for connecting it to your car’s electronics to make it work with rear and brake lights.

4. Intergalactic Chocolate Molds

Difficulty: medium

Let the power be delicious! This next idea comes from Instructables user Warren Downes and combines two things we love: machine cutting and chocolate! This delicious galactic treat starts with a CNC-cut wooden mold and is then filled with silicone to create a food-safe Jedi chocolate mold.

Instructable has links to designs for several shapes, but the general idea can be applied to just about anything in the universe. star wars .

Don’t have a CNC machine? Don’t be afraid, you can build it yourself for cheap! Tom McGuire, which uses more store-bought parts, is available from Instructables from CNC machine to this for about $200.

CNC Machine for DIY Star Wars Projects

5. Speeder Rocker

Difficulty: difficult

Sticking with wood builds, this Star Wars-inspired speeder is arguably the coolest rocking horse variant we’ve ever seen.

This incredible design combines solid woodwork with multiple 3D printed pieces for detailing. While this particular build is based primarily on woodworking, there are many 3D printed projects to choose from too! Each part is featured in plans drawn up by Instructables user Tect_Gilmir, along with detailed instructions on how to assemble the entire assembly.

As if the build wasn’t cool enough, it also includes electronics to light an LED «laser» on the underside of the speeder’s body and play the all-too-familiar blaster sound when a button on the steering wheel is pressed.

This build is really impressive and puts everything we love into a good DIY guide. It was very popular among its target audience!

6 Wooden Millennium Falcon

Difficulty: Bonkers

Sticking with the wood theme, carpenter Martin Crini has created something truly amazing. The level of detail in his Millennium Falcon wooden build is just around the corner!

DIY Star Wars Millennium Falcon woodworking project

The level of time and detail in the models the artist creates is breathtaking. He also dealt with other subjects from the universe Star Wars, in including several droids and the iconic X-Wing.

DIY Star Wars X-wing woodworking project

All of these builds are documented on his Facebook artist page, and along with the builds » Star Wars» there is a wonderful set of figures from comics to wall TARDIS!

7. Papercraft R2-D2

Difficulty: medium / hard (depending on scale)

Everyone loves R2-D2, including people who don’t know what R2-D2 is. It’s just a fact of life. What better way to celebrate this droid than to create your own paper version? User Visualspicer from Instructables clearly thought it was a good idea and created a life-sized R2-D2 paper droid!

The impressive construction was a labor of love created by an artist and made from recycled paper. The version shown above is called R2-D2-AE2 because of the huge pieces of AE2 architectural paper used for the project. Assembly designs are available for purchase on the artist’s website.

An alternate and much smaller version of the same familiar companion droid can also be made, as YouTube Yo shows us.

This pint-sized version of Artoo is perfect for any mantelpiece. Designed by Shunichi Makino who provided plans for download.

8. Armor of the foamy clone

Difficulty: medium

Our next project comes from YouTuber and streamer Andrew DFT, who has been providing costume and prop making videos and tutorials since 2010. From many DIY props Star Wars We chose this Clone Trooper armor suit as a great combination of a fantastic tutorial and a good beginner build for those looking to get started with EVA foam.

A series of multi-part builds will walk you through the steps of armor making, as well as great general tips and tricks for working with EVA foam and tools used in costume and prop design. The description of the video also includes a link to the complete build document, which you can print out for easy reference. Perfect for when your fingers are full of glue and you don’t want to touch the tech!

9. Imperial Corridor

Difficulty: Bonkers (pure insanity)

Okay this one? This one is special. Some people make their favorite prop» Star Wars» . Some people make a suit. Instructables user Dvda2108 made an entire corridor dedicated to Star Wars .

DIY Star Wars hallway project

This epic build was designed for a festival in Belgium and every part of the hallway was designed to showcase a piece of Lego Star Wars. goods. This huge building incorporates light and plexiglass to give visitors the feeling of being inside a museum on a spaceship. It’s hard to look at the images of this build without imagining Darth Vader striding down the hall towards you!

Projects to build are listed on the Instructable page, along with a rough guide to building a project. If you are a big fan» Star Wars and you need some space then this is for you!

10. Snow Hippos

Difficulty: Japanese military

Finally on our list of snowmen to complete all the snowmen. In 2015, members of the Japanese military used bulldozers, loads of snow, and a lot of patience to create this piece of art.

Darth Vader and snow trooper

This incredible sculpture is made up of 3,500 tons of snow and is 25 meters wide and 15 meters high. The ride was approved by Disney and took soldiers over a month to complete.

Star Wars snow hippos lit up at night

This can take a while, I would suggest starting with the first snow if you want to build your own scale model!

Do it yourself or don’t do it, no try

These inspiring crafts in the style of » Star Wars» and craft projects should give you some ideas for your own inspired designs. From the droids you’re looking for to homemade lightsabers, there are plenty of project ideas. What will you choose to build?

You built your own part of the universe star wars ? Are you planning to build a Millennium Falcon in your garage? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image Credit: marcogarrincha/ Depositphotos

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