The Red Ring of Death error on Xbox 360 devices has not gone away. Used consoles built before 2009 and bought on eBay or pawnshops, or even those put on the back of a cabinet in favor of a PS3, still have a problem.

But it gets worse: later devices, including those with redesigned thinner cases, also become susceptible (although RROD itself is gone, replacing the single red light on the power button). Using Xbox Kinect can also contribute to the error.

Microsoft’s warranty is only one year, and even in the midst of the RROD problem, if your console didn’t fail, you won’t have the option to send your Xbox 360 back for repairs (which may not have had a lasting effect). ).

So what’s the solution? There are two: buy a new Xbox 360 or rely on X-fix.

What is RROD X-Clamp Fix?

The X-clamp fix is ​​required due to the lack of lead in the solder that holds the GPU and CPU to the motherboard. Overheating causes the BGA (Ball Grid) to weaken, causing the processor to detach from the motherboard. Overheating can occur in various storage scenarios, the best way to avoid this is by checking out our guide to

Early fixes for this suggested gamers wrapping their Xbox 360 in a towel to overheat the system and force the BGA to soften enough to reconnect the processors to the motherboard.


This method of toweling is flammable and extremely dangerous. However, the principle — using heat to reconnect the CPU and GPU to the motherboard — is a smart alternative to buying a replacement or paying for an expensive repair, and that’s where the X-clamp fix comes in.


Here we are modifying the Xbox 360 case to accommodate a repair kit that can be purchased cheaply. This kit essentially replaces the X-clip, a piece of metal attached to the motherboard under the CPU and GPU, ostensibly to ensure they are securely connected. It is not, hence the Red Ring of Death.

This fix requires high success, but does it really work?

What do you need for this

To fix RROD, you will need an X-clamp replacement kit, which can be purchased online from eBay and Amazon. It’s basically a set of eight 12mm screws and metal and plastic washers designed to replace the X-clamps on the CPU and GPU. These clamps connect the heatsinks to the motherboard, but they don’t provide a tight enough connection. Eight screws and washers make things better.

A special disassembly tool for your Xbox 360 is also recommended and can be picked up online or from electronic project stores.

From a hardware standpoint, you’ll need a drill with the right bit to widen the holes in your Xbox 360’s inner case for a powerful clamp. According to Llamma’s Xbox 360 Repair Page (which we recommend you use as it has a wide selection of images to help), you can use 3/16th Uni-bit which fixes the hole, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry You can use a drill to widen the hole and then sand off any uneven areas around the hole with a Dremel style tool.

EI-xbox360-RROD fix drill

Whatever method you use for drilling, make sure you have a means of securing the case (tricky as it can buckle under excessive pressure). My preferred approach was to use a standard chisel suitable for drilling through metal with a piece of wood underneath the body.

You will also need time to take the usual antistatic precautions. among other things, how to handle your Xbox 360 motherboard and DVD drive.

Completing the X-Clamp Fix

We’ve already provided a link above to a solid guide for replacing X-clamps with screws. Here are some additional details explaining the various methods and how you could go further by adding heatsinks to the RAM chips.

With the screws installed, you should test the Xbox 360 by reconnecting the DVD drive, placing the fan on the GPU heatsink (it’s above), and turning on the power. Sometimes the console loads normally, which means you’re all set. In other cases, it may take a while and you may find that the error code changes.


If that didn’t work and you followed the instructions to carefully tighten the four screws on each heat sink/CPU, the best option is to slowly loosen each one a quarter turn each time before trying again.

After all, if you’re unlucky and the console is completely broken, you should see the spinning green light return and your Xbox 360 will be resurrected!

Sunday, but how long?

No one can claim that this is a fix that will get the Xbox 360 back up and running permanently, and you shouldn’t expect it to last more than 12 months. But one thing is for sure: it definitely works!

ii-xbox360-rrod fix fixed

My Xbox 360 stopped working in 2010. Although I fully intended to repair it, it took me until today to do so (because life ). My patience with this (I had several short-lived failed attempts) allowed me to spend some time in the final stage without feeling frustrated and desperate — after all, I was without a console for almost three years. !

If you’re successful, you must take steps to ensure the best possible airflow for your console. This means you’ll need to keep it in a well-ventilated area, and maybe even consider replacing the fans with something more suitable (though be aware that this could unbalance your PSU, resulting in insufficient resources to power your console). You can then celebrate by playing some of the best video games available for the platform. !

Have you tried Xbox 360 X-clamp repair? Have you had success? Is your device still working? Let us know!

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