What is the total cost of HTC Vive?

There is more to VR than just a box on a shelf. Accessories add value, and if you need to upgrade your computer, that price tag will go up. The question arises: how much is the total cost of HTC Vive? Let’s break things down in terms of cost per unit, and let’s also look at some PC options to run it.

  • What is the total cost of HTC Vive?
  • How much do I want to spend on a PC?

What is the total cost of HTC Vive?

Without the HTC Vive system, you can’t get very far, so you’ll get a nice $599. The package includes the actual head-mounted Vive display, two motion controllers, two Lighthouse base stations, a cable adapter, and all the cables you need to connect and power everything. If you already have a VR-enabled PC, this is all you need for an incredible virtual experience.

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TPCast with original strap

If you’re interested in moving around wirelessly in VR, the new Vive Wireless Adapter they call TPCast will be available later this year for $249. This part is not needed for a good virtual experience, but it will definitely become one of the most popular in the world of virtual reality.

If we raise a couple of dollars, we get up to $850, which is unfortunately still cheaper than the cost of a Vive starter kit here in Canada. There are two other notable accessories, but no official pricing has yet been announced for any of them.

Vive Tracker

The Vive Tracker is a small, alien-like accessory that you can attach to any real-life object to turn it into virtual reality. We’ve seen people running behind the fence with a tracker attached to a baseball bat, and we’ve seen fake rifles with a real hit on one of those trackers on the front.

Vive Tracker with rifle

It will be interesting to see what combinations of trackers people come up with, but for now we are still waiting. HTC is working with developers right now to give consumers a lot to do, and when it’s ready later this year, these accessories will cost $99 each.